Does Walgreens take Apple Pay (A Quick Guide 2024)?

Apple Pay relies on NFC technology. The technology re-encrypts your credit or debit card information and prevents it from hacking or data stolen. Therefore, many people find Apple Pay as a reliable payment method. Due to the growing Apple Pay popularity, 85% retails stores accept Apple Pay. One of these stores is Walgreens. 

Walgreens has over 9,000 stores in America. They serve nearly 10 million customers every day. Therefore, to enhance flexibility in payment methods, they accept contactless payments. 

So, let’s learn if you pay via Apple Pay cashback at Walgreens. 

Does Walgreens accept Apple Pay cashback?

Walgreens take Apple Pay

Walgreens is America’s second-largest pharmaceutical chain that offers a variety of pharmacy items. They have an impressive portfolio of health and wellness products and other photo services. Additionally, you also find beauty-related products from international brands.

As Walgreens take Apple Pay, you win 2-3 percent cash back on every transaction. You must have a debit or credit card linked to your Apple Pay account to get unlimited offers, discounts, and coupons. 

So, shop as much as you want at Walgreens stores or online and enjoy cash back at each transaction. Once you pay at Walgreens and use Apple Pay, you get 2-3 percent cash back. Apple Pay deposits the cash back you receive in Apple Wallet. However, as Walgreens is one of Apple’s partner stores, customers get 3% money back. 

Now, let’s understand if Walgreens takes Apple Pay in-store. 

Does Walgreens take Apple Pay in-store?

Walgreens is a massive pharmaceutical chain in America. Therefore, you can use Apple Pay effortlessly at over 8,200 Walgreens stores. Hit your nearby Walgreens store with Apple Watch or iPhone and purchase items straightforwardly with Apple Pay. 

Here’s how you can use Apple Pay in-store:

  • Set up your Apple Pay and link your preferred credit or debit card with the account.
  • To pay via Apple Pay, double-click your iPhone’s side buttons.
  • You will see your default card. First, you must authenticate your Apple Pay via Face ID or passcode. It is necessary for verification.
  • Place your iPhone a few inches away from the card reader. Wait until you see a ‘Done’ or checkmark on your screen.

Use this process for paying at Walgreens through Apple Pay and avail of a 3% discount. Walgreens stores offering Apple Pay have its signature symbol. 

Now, we’ll understand whether Walgreens accepts Apple Pay for Instacart.

Does Walgreens Instacart take Apple Pay?

Instacart is an online platform that delivers groceries and other items throughout America and Canada. It has partnered with several retail departmental stores in the USA. Therefore, you can download only one app, i.e., Instacart, and order posthumously from any retail store. Instacart delivers your order within the same day. 

Fortunately, Instacart takes Apple Pay for shopping at Walgreens online store. Read further to learn the step-by-step instructions on how to purchase pharmacy products from Walgreens at Instacart.

  • Download the Instacart Shopper app on your device.
  • Launch the app. 
  • Find the Walgreens store at Instacart. 
  • Add all the items you want to purchase from Walgreens to the cart. 
  • Proceed further and come to the checkout section.
  • As you proceed to payment, select Apple Pay as the payment option.
  • Authenticate your transaction at Apple Pay and complete the payment.
  • Your payment completes when you receive a checkmark sign flashing on your screen.

Within 24 hours, Walgreens will deliver your pharmaceutical items to your doorstep.

Let’s find out if Walgreens accept Apple Pay cash in-store or online. 

Does Walgreens accept Apple Pay cash?

Apple Cash allows you to receive, send, and request money in the Apple Wallet. The feature permits you to send money through iMessage to your contacts anytime. Apple Cash is convenient and helpful when your family requires money in an emergency because you securely send them through messages.

You also get cashback for all purchases via Apple Pay cash. The amount you receive as cashback transfers to your linked bank account. 

Walgreens accepts all Apple Pay payment methods, including Apple Pay Cash. All Walgreens stores have NFC terminals that allow you to pay via Apple Pay. In addition, you can use Apply Pay Cash and win 3% cashback on all purchases. 

Here are the steps of how you can use Apple Pay Cash at Walgreens:

  • Select Apple Pay Cash Card. Furthermore, select Send or Request.
  • Now, enter Walgreens as the recipient and click on Next.
  • Input the amount and click on ‘Send or Request’.
  • Authenticate payment via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. 
  • Complete the transaction and wait for 3% cashback.

Note: Apple Pay Cash applies to Walgreens online payment only.

Does Walgreens ATM take Apple Pay?

Walgreens’ collaboration with Apple Pay has proved beneficial for customers as they purchase health-related products at Walgreens using any form of Apple Pay. 

Many massive retail departmental stores in America have ATM disposal that allows customers to withdraw cash. Some machines only enable you to withdraw $400. 

It becomes convenient for customers if they need to remember to bring cash and only have a debit or credit card. They can use Walgreens All joint machines and withdraw money they require to purchase products.

Walgreens ATM doesn’t take Apple Pay credit cards. Apple Pay credit card offers advance money with a limited amount that a user has to pay at the month’s end. Therefore, you cannot use an Apple Pay credit card for money withdrawal at any ATM joint, i.e., Walgreens ATM. 

However, provide Apple Credit Card to the Walgreens associate as they will take payment via card swiping machine. We’ll look at whether Walgreens accepts Apple Wallet. 

Does Walgreens accept Apple Wallet?

The good news for Walgreens and Apple Pay users is you can pay at Walgreens via Apple Wallet. It applies to both in-store and online purchases. 

Here is the instruction on how you can use Apple Wallet at Walgreens:

  • First, set up Apple Pay and set a default card. Your default card will be responsible for purchases you make through Apple Pay.
  • Launch the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone. 
  • Hold your iPhone a few centimeters away from the NFC terminal.
  • Scan the code and authenticate the payment. You can set the authentication method as Face ID, passcode, or Fingerprint ID. 

The amount will deduct from your Apple Wallet. Customers will be glad to know that Walgreens or Apple Pay doesn’t have hidden charges. So, you can pay without worries because your money is safe.

Now, we’ll understand how you can use Apple Pay at Walgreens in-store or online.

How to use Apple Pay at Walgreens?

Let’s learn to utilize Apple Pay at Walgreens stores through your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Using Apple Pay at Walgreens store via Apple Watch:

  • Double-click the Apple Watch’s side button.
  • As a result, your default card will appear automatically on the screen. You can scroll down and prefer other cards.
  • Place your Apple Watch’s display in front of the NFC terminal. 
  • You will hear a gentle beep and vibration from your Apple Watch indicating that your payment is successful.

Using Apple Pay at Walgreens store via iPhone:

  • Hold your phone in front of a contactless reader and allow it to scan the code.
  • Show your Face ID and complete your payment. 
  • Your payment completes when you see a checkmark sign.

Using Apple Pay at Walgreens online store:

  • Download the Walgreens app.
  • Select all items you wish to purchase from Walgreens. 
  • At the checkout section, select Apple Pay as the payment method. 
  • Apple Pay app will ask for verifications.

Follow these steps and complete your payment to buy products at Walgreens. Let’s look at Walgreens’ other payment methods.

Walgreens payment methods

Walgreens in-store payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Visa card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Network
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Gift Card
  • CareCredit

Walgreens online payment methods:

  • Apple Pay 
  • Credit or debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards

You can use all these methods to purchase pharmacy, health care, and beauty products at Walgreens.


Today, using Apple Pay for payments is more secure than credit or debit cards. Also, Apple Pay exceeds security compared to other contactless payment methods. You can pay via Apple Pay using iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad. It is not only convenient but also reliable. 

Apple Pay never shares your card information with merchants. Also, Apple Pay generates a unique account number and protects your official account number. Introducing Apple Pay as the leading payment method at Walgreens stores is most suitable for Americans. So, shop and pay seamlessly at Walgreens via Apple Pay.


Does Walgreen take EBT?

Walgreens take Electronic Benefits Transfer and other food stamps. However, some stores might not accept EBT due to state laws. So, it is wise to contact the store first and verify if they take EBT.

Can I pay my phone bill at Walgreens?

No, you cannot pay your phone bills at Walgreens. Nevertheless, customers can use PayNearMe to instant pay their bills at Walgreens stores.

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