How to register and use my Etisalat UAE App (Step by Step)?

My Etisalat mobile app:- Communication forms an essential part of everyday life and those who are switching to Etisalat or already have, should read this essential piece of information mentioned here in this article about my Etisalat UAE app.

The Emirates Telecommunication Group PJSC operates in 15 countries and serves almost 167 million users. It is the 12th largest voice network in the globe currently.

You can check your balance, manage your accounts, and recharge whenever you want using this app easily.

It is safe and secure to use, privacy is guaranteed with the mobile app and regular updates and bug fixes are fed into the app.

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How to register on my Etisalat UAE app?

  • To register with my Etisalat mobile app users will have to upload a national-level ID card for UAE and even other GCC country citizens. Take the documents either to the nearest centre and then get your documents verified.
  • Once documents are verified you will get username, and password directly into your mail.
  • If you are verifying and creating an account online then you will have to choose a username, password and your account would be verified with SMS app code.
  • Further, they would ask you to upload your identification card photo. Once your ID card is verified you can start using the account without any further hassles.

How to use my Etisalat app?

Simply download the app from Google Playstore by clicking on the Install button.

Remember your app can be activated only if you have the Etisalat SIM card on your phone.

With the help of the app, you can do a lot of stuff like shopping, paying bills, downloading apps like Cash app, Cliq app, fixing appointments, tracking orders, monitoring usage of data and much more.

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How to download my Etisalat app?

To download the Etisalat mobile app, go to the Google Playstore and Apple app store.

Once installed you can register with the app and start using it.

How to get Etisalat free data?

my Etisalat UAE App offers free 15MB data with the EasyCliq Free browsing. You might have to migrate to Etisalat Free 15 MB data package. 

The next package is a 200 MB Etisalat free data, which you receive every time you purchase and register a new SIM card with Etisalat.

Also, by dialing *8186*1# from your Etisalat sim card you can get free 4 MB data and if it says your request is being processed then there is a high chance, you’ll receive the data, and if it says, “sorry, your operation failed,” it means you won’t be able to claim it then but then you can keep trying.

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