How to reverse payment on Absa Online Banking App?

The ABSA app is designed by app and helps customers with financial transactions. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be easily used for the Absa online mobile baking app as it is safe and extremely user-friendly by nature. The app promises to simplify your life and to keep the accounts secure to allow banking on the go. You can take loans and use the app absolutely free.

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App Features

Features of ABSA online banking app includes;

  • Access data via the fingerprinting or facial recognition.
  • Viewing account information with a glance.
  • Requesting statements and cheque books.
  • Transferring funds and paying utility bills, also buying airtime is made easy.
  • Loading money into any mobile money wallet is also super easy.
  • Accessing the account 24/7 is possible now with the app.

How to install ABSA app on Android & iOS?

The ABSA app can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

To download it you have to search for the app in the Google Play & Apple appstores.

Once searched for, click on the install button for Google appstore and on the Get button for Apple appstore.

Once the app is installed login to the app with your internet banking details to use the bank’s resources.

How to reverse payment on absa app?

Instances when you have got 55 error notification or if you have not received a confirmation message you can then recall your money or reverse it by cancelling the transaction you made. To make a reverse money using absa app, you will have to follow the below steps.

  • Log into the ABSA app.
  • Under more options click on the “cancel the transaction.”
  • Reversal is also possible through the use of cell phone banking.

If a reversal is requested within 40 days after the debit went down ABSA will compensate the customers immediately. If the complaint is launched after 40 days ABSA cannot confirm help in this scenario. This is how you can reverse payment on absa. You can also get Loans in Kenya with Timiza Loan App.

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How to Update to Latest ABSA App?

Simply go to Appstore or Google Playstore and click on the update button next to the app, obviously after searching out the app from the millions of apps in the appstore or Playstore.

How to transfer Money using ABSA App?

To send money using ABSA app through online banking-Express banking, one must follow the below steps.

  • Login to ABSA online banking app.
  • Choose Cash Send from the top navigation bar.
  • Now choose Cash Send beneficiaries.
  • Choose once off Cash Send or Cash Send with a new beneficiary.
  • Now choose the amount you wish to send, account from which you choose to send and also input the cell phone number of the recipient.
  • Create a six-digit code that you have to give to your recipient and then further confirm the payment.
how to reverse payment on absa app

If you want to send using full-service Absa online banking;

  • Logon to Absa online banking.
  • Select the Payment option.
  • Choose Pay and then select Cash Send payments.
  • Select the account, account and the recipient’s phone number.
  • Create a six-digit code and give this code to the recipient and confirm the payment.

Further, send money through cell phone banking then choose Cash Send and then send payment.

Additionally, you can also send money from ATM that has a CashSend option.

ABSA app proof of payment?

To get proof of payment, follow the below process.

  • Open the online banking app
  • Choose Payments
  • Select Beneficiaries
  • Select Resend notification
  • Choose payment proofs and send it to yourself via email.
  • Now you can send the same proof of payment

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