How to Get Free Trial of Starz on Hulu (Guide 2024)?

For the record, Hulu and Hulu Live Television have a sizable on-demand streaming entertainment collection that you can expand further with STARZ. After a free trial period of 7 days, the package costs you $8.99 per month. (advertisements included) or $11.99 per month (without any advertisements), as per your choice of purchase! 

Furthermore, Hulu is providing STARZ as an update to its streaming platform for just $0.99 a month for the next 2 months. Please note that this is only for brand new Hulu subscribers. Here we will show a few methods to activate Starz shows on Hulu. Choose one according to your convenience. 

How to get Starz on Hulu?

how to get starz on hulu

Method 1

For Hulu’s new subscribers:

Step 1– Install the Hulu app.

Step 2- Start running the app by “signing in“.

Step 3- Choose “Sign Up Now.”

Step 4- Register for an Account

Step 5- Then select “Manage Add-Ons.”

Step 6- For $0.99 per month, select STARZ as an add-on.

Method 2

If you already have a Hulu subscription:

Step 1- Open the app. 

Step 2- Navigate to the panel that shows all user profiles.

Step 3- Open Your Profile

Step 4- Then select the “Account” button.

Step 5- Now, head on to the option “Manage Add-Ons.”

Step 6- For $1.99 per month, add STARZ.

Method 3

You may sign up for a 7-Day Trial free of cost of Starz straight from Starz Platform if you don’t have a Hulu subscription yet!

Step 1-  Install the Hulu app.

Step 2- Head on to the Signup page

Step 3- Add the email, password, and other required info.

Step 4- Once done, click on the “Claim Offer” banner

Step 5- You will be redirected to a new page.

 Step 6- Once you’re there, Sign-Up directly.

The trial will get over after 7- days, so remember to purchase a plan before it ends.

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How to get free trial of Starz on Hulu?

how to get starz on hulu

The easiest method to get Starz for free of cost is to sign up for the network’s free trial. Although there isn’t a free trial available right now, they come up with this offer every now and then.

Since Starz doesn’t presently offer a free trial, you may register for free trials via Hulu. Currently, Starz is available for a seven-day free trial on Hulu for brand new subscribers only!

Let us see how to avail the free trial on Starz on Hulu-

Method 1

Step 1- Navigate to Hulu.

Step 2- In the top right-hand corner, choose the “Profile” icon.

Step 3- Now from the drop-down option, select Account.

Step 4- Then, choose Manage Add-ons beneath Subscriptions.

Step 5- Under the premium add-on list, click on the Starz banner.

Step 6- Once done, click on the Review Changes option at the end.

Step 7- Now you can enjoy using Hulu’s 7-Day Starz Free Trial with no worries!

Now, you may want to cancel your membership as the 7-day trial is over. In order to do so and save yourself from being charged, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Open a desktop or smartphone browser and navigate to the Account page on the Hulu website.

Step 2- Choose Manage Add-ons from the My Subscription tab

Step 3- Select Starz and hit the checkmark with an X.

Step 4- Hit Review Changes to confirm the changes you made, and you’re done!

Method 2

Please note that your membership to Hulu’s Starz update will terminate instantly if you withdraw within your free trial time. In case you still want to go for it, consider the steps below:

Step 1- Launch the Hulu app

Step 2- Sign in to your account. 

Step 3– Navigate to the My Profile option and choose the add-ons option.

Step 4- Choose Starz as an add-on,

Step 5- To make an account, visit the Starz deal page and enter your email address and other credentials.

Step 6- Pick and choose whether to pay your subscription on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

Step 7- Do not forget to add a reminder about the cancellation of the subscription.

Step 8- Now, carefully enter your payment details.

Step 9- To successfully finish establishing your account, select a password.

Step 10- You will indeed be billed the monthly membership price following the expiration of the free trial.

(so you should remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends).  

Step 11- Depending on the form of payment, the membership will automatically continue for a month, if not logged out.

Can you cancel Starz on Hulu anytime?

Yes, you can quickly and simply cancel your Starz membership. Typically, the option may be found in the main settings menu. You may cancel your subscriptions on most platforms by going to “Manage Subscriptions.”

Method 1

Cancel Over Browser:

The most common approach to ending a premium service or a free testing period with Starz is probably through your browser. Take these actions:

Step 1- Look for the app’s homepage on the Starz website.

Step 2- Select “Have Starz” from the menu.

Step 3- Then select “Starz Streaming.”

Step 4- Use your username, password, and other credentials to access your account.

Step 5- Select “Settings

Step 6- Next, select “Cancel My Subscription” from the “Subscription” menu.

Step 7- There will be a popup that allows you to cancel immediately.

Method 2

The best approach is to reach out to customer service that very day.

Step 1- Dial 1-855-247-9175 to reach Starz’s live helpline anytime. 

(You can talk to someone who will instantly cancel Starz for you.)

Method 3

The slowest method of terminating your Starz membership is by email. However, if you have particular grievances to voice, this way is better. Even though you might not hear back right away, you would get a specific response and guidance if you wish to pursue any complaints.

Two methods are listed for emailing Starz to cancel the subscription:

Step 1- Send them an email at [email protected].

Step 2- Go to the Starz “Contact Us” page and complete the form there.

You have to be very precise and careful while cancelling the subscription. If not properly taken, you might be billed every month for the ongoing subscription you chose previously.


Is Starz free on Hulu right now?

Starz is available on Hulu for free, but just for a week. Starz previously provided a free trial. But just now they are not providing such trials. However, you can enjoy a free Starz trial if and only if are a brand new Hulu member. You can manage to select Starz as an add-on to the Hulu app. (refer to the detailed step above).

Additionally, after the trial ends, the plan will cost $8.99 per month (advertisements included) and also $11.99 per month (without any advertisements). Hulu is exclusively providing STARZ as an update to its streaming platform for just $0.99 a month for the next 2 months.

Does Starz on Hulu have commercials?

In parallel with its own 30-day free subscription, Hulu also provides a seven-day sample of Starz’s streaming service. Hulu provides a basic membership with advertisements that costs $8.99 per month. 

The plan includes more than 2,560 blockbusters and 1700 TV programs. Its commercial-free subscription costs you $11.99 a month. For starters, a user can choose both the purchases together and enjoy both the free trials simultaneously.

What does Starz offer on Hulu?

The STARZ insert is a terrific option if you want provocative material, interesting narratives, and engaging characters. You can get popular original programs like Power and Outlander for an extra $8.99 each month. Additionally, you may stream a selection of movie releases, including both recent successes and timeless masterpieces. Hulu members who have the STARZ add-on can access numerous live streams on a variety of compatible devices.

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