How to Cancel Starz Subscription (Complete Guide 2024)?

Most users seem to prefer Starz as it offers on-demand content, including hit blockbusters and the latest running TV series. For starters, Starz’s buying method is a subscription-based system. With that said, there comes a moment when you might feel the need to discontinue your membership. In that’s the case, canceling membership for the same is a quite straightforward process. To cancel your subscription with ease, do consider the instructions below-

How to cancel Starz subscription?

NOTE: You may have signed up for Starz through, a cable TV provider, Hulu, Windows, Amazon Firestick, Samsung TV, or even Apple TV according to the company’s setup. There are distinct cancellation procedures for each subscription enrolled. So, let’s check them out-

Choose your mode of the membership provider.

Step 1- Finding out how you signed up for Starz will be your first step since there are so many options for subscriptions.

Step 2- Log in to the Starz app or website to unsubscribe is technically the first thing to do.

Step 3- When using a web browser, go to settings by clicking on yo the user symbol in the top right section of the screen.

Step 4- If you’re using the app, go to settings and choose “Account Management” from the list at the bottom right.

Step 5- You may access the “My Subscription” option from settings (of your internet browser) as well as from the account management (app).

Step 6- You may find your partner provider by clicking “My Subscription.”

Step 7 – You will now find an option to unsubscribe. Hit the option to unsubscribe from the membership.

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On Amazon

There are two ways to purchase Starz content on You may either enroll from the Amazon service provider or via Prime by subscribing to a channel add-on. In case you’re confused, scroll down to know the method-

Method 1

Step 1- Add-on Amazon Prime stream:

Step 2- Navigate to the lower part of the column of Prime Channels in your Amazon account. 

Step 3- Look for your Starz subscription credentials. 

Step 4- Choose Starz, and following that, you will now see an option to “cancel subscription“. 

Step 5- To finish the cancellation procedure, follow a few on-screen prompts from here on and you’re done.

Method 2

Amazon Fire TV :

Step 1- Enter through your Amazon store subscriptions there.

Step 2- Click “Actions” on the Starz subscription page.

Step 3- You have the option to “terminate your subscription” under the Actions page.

Step 4- Confirm the changes to cancel your subscription.

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On iPhone

Step 1- Tap on to the Settings icon on your iPhone or iPad. (This app is often located on the main screen.)

Step 2- If you have a Starz subscription through Apple TV or another Apple service, use this method for the process.

Step 3- Touch on your name. ( It’s on the settings’ first option.)

Step 4- Then select “iTunes and the iTunes Store.” (The second category of options will have this option)

Step 5- Tap on the Apple ID field. ( It’s on the menu’s main page). A new screen will pop up instantly. 

Step 6- Tap on it further to view your Apple ID. (It is the menu’s initial choice.)

Step 7- If you are asked to enter your passcode or utilize Touch ID, do as instructed on-screen.

Step 8- Click on Subscriptions. You will be able to view the list of the services you are currently  subscribed to.

Step 9- Select Starz by scrolling a little down. Details about your subscription are shown here.

Step 10 – Then select “Cancel Subscription.” It is at the end of the list.

Step 11- Verify the cancellation. Until the end of your current payment cycle, the Starz membership will still be in effect.

On Roku


You have two options for canceling a Roku subscription: through the Roku media player or through your computer. Choose one according to your convenience.

Method 1

Via Roku media  player: 

Step 1-  Launch the Starz app from Roku Home.

Step 2- On your remote control, press the settings icon (it looks like an asterisk *). 

Step 3- From the menu, choose “Manage Subscription,”

Step 4-  Then “Cancel Subscription.”

Method 2

Via your Computer: 

Step 1- After logging into your Roku account.

Step 2- Select “Manage Your Subscriptions”  

Step 3- Select “Unsubscribe” after choosing Starz.

On Xfinity

Step 1- Access the Xfinity official website.

Step 2- Select “My Account” from the top menu.

Step 3- Underneath the TV icon, navigate down to “Services,” and then click “Manage TV.”

Step 4- Click “Add/Manage premium channels” under “Common Solutions” on the right-hand side.

Step 5- After you find the Starz banner on channels list, find a checkbox beside it.

Step 6- Hit the checkbox and then the mark will go away.

Step 7- This ensures that you have successfully canceled the subscription, and you’re good to go!

Some users have repeatedly reported that they face issues while canceling through this method. Well so, we have found another procedure for you. Do try this if you fail through the above-

Method 2

Write a private message to customer support:

Step 1- “Sign In” using your credentials.

Step 2-  Select “Peer to peer talk” from the menu.

Step 3-  Select the pencil and paper symbol next to “New message.”

Step 4-  In the “To:” line, type “Xfinity Support” and choose it from the drop-down menu that displays.  

Step 5- Then the “To:” line will be changed with the “Xfinity Support” image.

Step 6-  Enter your issue, of canceling the subscription in the text box at the window’s bottom.

Step 7-  To send it, press Enter.

Wait for their reply and the fix!

On Apple Tv

For the record, You can cancel your Starz membership through Apple in three different ways: on your ios device, your  Apple Smart Tv, or your PC. Choose the one which is convinient for you-

Method 1

Step 1- Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad after logging into your account.

Step 2- Select “Subscriptions” after tapping on to your profile.

Step 3- You’ll see the Starz banner at the end of the column.    

Step 4- To request cancellation, choose “Cancel Subscription” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2

Step 1- In your Apple TV: Head on to your account by navigating to the settings menu on your device.

Step 2- To find Starz, choose “Subscriptions” and then scroll down.

Step 3-  “Cancel Subscription” will be found after selecting Starz.

Method 3

Step 1- Using your computer, launch iTunes and sign in to your iTunes account.

Step 2- Choosing “Settings,”  simultaneously “Subscriptions,” and finally clicking “Manage” will bring up the desired menu.   

Step 3-  Starz is located at the bottom; click on it. Then pick “Cancel Subscription.”

Step 4-  To confirm the cancellation, click “Done.”

How to cancel free trial of Starz Subscription on Hulu?


You may want to cancel your membership as the 7-day trial is over. In order to do so and save yourself from being charged, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Open a desktop or smartphone browser and navigate to the Account page on the Hulu website.

Step 2- Choose Manage Add-ons from the My Subscription tab

Step 3- Select Starz and hit the checkmark with an X.

Step 4- Hit Review Changes to confirm the changes you made, and you’re done!


Can you cancel Starz subscription at any time?

To put it simply, YES

You have the option to cancel your Starz subscription anytime you want. However, you won’t be able to access the streaming services’ material after canceling your subscription. You will be able to cancel your Starz subscription by following the step-by-step guide discussed above, according to your device.

Why can't I cancel my Starz subscription?

Now, since you have asked us, you will surely be able to cancel easily.  Depending on your device, do follow the above-detailed methods, and you can easily unsubscribe from Starz with ease.

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