Gaandeevadhari Arjuna Review – Ghost Returns

Aditya Raj is under a death threat for having to submit a report to the United Nations that could bring an end to a huge company. Aditya Raj played by Nassar get a security provision in the name of Arjun (Varun Tej) and he is to nullify the threats. He is the one who is supposed to help the minister submit the file.

There are a few fundamental questions that the film is going to address. If you think the resolution to those questions can make the film worth the watch, you might read the Gaandeevadhari Arjuna Review details from here.

Gaandeevadhari Arjuna Review

These questions around the movie are;

  1. Who is the minister who gets the death threat?
  2. What kind of company does he plan to end?
  3. Does Arjun succeed in saving the minister?
  4. Do they find the culprit’s and their modus operandi?

It is a sleek thriller on the lines of the Hollywood movies we watch.

The technicalities in this thriller action tale make it enormous. Foreign locales add to the movie and provide life and freshness. Cinematography is done by Anmol Rathod & Mukesh and click with the audience well. Background music by Mickey J Meyer also enlightens the movie and makes it somewhat more soothing amid all the racing terror threats.

The film tries to inch towards the corporate corruption, environmental pollution, and garbage related issues but could not provide resolutions that could help. They show the protagonist loses someone due to the pollution however, it is like everyday life where whoever loses whoever, and life goes on after that person. The film too is of the same kind.

 Apart from the plus points, there are some minus points in the movie.

The plot is flaky thin and you would have no hard time understanding where the movie is heading.

You can easily see through all the boxes and nothing really turns up from the plot well.

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The female protagonist’s presence is merely decorative.

You are not at the edge of the seat when watching the movie.

Find out more on what the movie pronounces you with and also understand what makes it stand through. It is true that none of the usual metrics work like the plot or the character sketch but yet, people who like such thriller plots can attempt a one-time watch of it.

The script writing is not tight and the pace dwindles however, people can have answers to these above questions if they want to watch the movie.

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