Does taco bell take apple pay in the drive-thru? (2024)

Do you want to get rid of cash payments? If yes, you will surely be interested in using the best contactless payment method, apple pay. Here we are going to tell you about Taco Bell and Apple pay.

Taco Bell is one of the most famous food restaurants. In simple words, taco bell is an American fast-food restaurant popular because of Mexican food. This food chain has always made improvements to meet customer expectations and provide better services.

Does Taco Bell accept Apple pay? Yes, this food restaurant allows their customers to use apple pay to pay the bill for their food order. Customers at taco bell stores, online, and at the drive-thru can easily make digital money transactions with apple pay.

Taco Bell takes digital payments through apple pay. You can easily use apple pay at taco bell stores, drive-thru, or for online food orders. Only you need to have the apple pay account link with your apple device and card, and proceed with the payments.

Does taco bell take apple pay in stores?

taco bell take apple pay

Yes, taco bell takes apple pay in-store. You can easily use apple pay as the contactless form of payment in taco bell stores. This chain has allowed its customers to use Apple Pay at their stores since 2019.

In this way, the customers feel at ease to pay the bill and make payments at taco bill stores, even if they do not carry cash. All you have to do is carry your apple device and move to Taco bell to make the payments. Taco Bell restaurants are followed by incorporating digital payments and allowing customers to make payments for food orders.

For customers, apple pay is an easy way to pay for stores at taco bell stores. It makes the payment method faster and more secure for customers than debit or credit cards.

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Does Taco Bell accept apple pay in person?

Yes, taco bell accepts apple pay in person. Along with the taco bell store, you can easily use apple pay on your online food orders. It has been very easy to pay for your taco bell orders via apple pay since the customer update of 2019. Taco Bell allows customers to pay for their food orders online via apple pay, creating an easy and convenient experience for them.

You can make online payments at taco bell via apple pay, including face ID features, touch ID features, paying with apple watch, and paying with the taco bell app. No matter your location, you can easily use Apple Pay at Taco Bell in person.

Does Taco Bell have an apple wallet?

Yes, taco bell has the apple wallet. As we tell you, apple pay is an accepted form of payment at taco bell restaurants, online, or drive-thru. Apple pay is the digital wallet that helps you pay for your purchases at taco bell food chain.

The best thing is that you can easily use your apple wallet with apple pay to receive 2% cashback while making the payment at taco bell. Using apple wallet by apple pay for taco bell purchases keeps your payment safe and private from the risk of malicious activities.

You can easily use this contactless form of payment at Taco Bell without the need to carry your physical credit or debit card. Using apple wallets like apple pay applies to your online order, drive-thru orders, and dine-in orders.

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How to use apple pay at taco bell?

As we tell you, it is easy to set the apple pay at taco bell restaurants, online orders, or drive-thru. Once you understand the simple steps to use apple pay at taco bell, you can easily make payments and get a convenient experience.

Before providing you with information on how to use apple pay at taco bell, it is important to ensure whether apple pay has been set up on your device or not. If not, you should first set up apple pay on your iPhone or another apple device. First, you must understand how to set up Apple pay on your device.

Step-by-step process to set up apple pay on your device

Here are the steps to set up apple pay on your iPhone or another apple device.

  1. Phone

For iPhone users, you must open the apple wallet app and tap on the add sign button to add your card. You must follow the steps to verify the bank information and add the card. If you pair your apple watch, you will get the option to add the card to your apple watch as well.

  1. Apple Watch

Open the app of your apple watch and click on my watch tab. Move to apple pay and wallet and click on add card. Then you must verify your bank information and card details to complete the process.

     3. Mac or iPad

You have to open the wallet settings on your device. On a mac, move to the wallet and apple pay section under the system’s preferences. You must move to apple pay and wallet under the settings section on your iPad. Then, you can add your card to make the payments at Taco bell.

Using apple pay at restaurants, of taco bell

If you want to order a meal from taco bell restaurants and make payments at this store, follow the steps below.

  • Keep your device in the cash register.
  • The wallet application on your device will provide you with a sign of the side button. You have to double-click on this button to start payments.
  • You must use the face ID, PIN, or touch ID to verify your transactions. Using this authentication way while making the payments ensure an extra layer of security
  • Once your payment is complete, a green checkmark will appear on your device screen.

Using apple pay on taco bell online orders

You can easily use the apple pay at taco bell website or app. Here is what you should do to use apple pay on online orders from taco bell

  • Pick the items that you want to buy from taco bell
  • Select the store from where you want to buy the item
  • Once you have done it, move to the payment sections and choose apple pay as an accepted form of payment
  • Complete your online transactions

Using apple pay at taco bell drive-thru orders

It is easy to use apple pay at taco bell to drive-thru orders. Here is how you should use the apple pay

  • You must inform the cashier if you want to use apple pay to make payments at taco bell drive-thru orders.
  • Keep your iPhone near the cash register so your device is detected by an NFC reader and starts the payments.
  • Once you have done this, a green checkmark is shown on your display, showing the sign of successful payments.

Taco bell payment methods

Taco Bell takes multiple numbers of payment methods at their store, drive-thru, or online. Undoubtedly, one of the best payment methods is apple pay at taco bell. But sometimes, if the customers can use apple pay at taco bell, then here are the alternative payment options you should use

  • Credit and debit cards

Taco Bell takes credit and debit cards to make payments through the app. You can easily swipe your card online and make payments for your food orders at Taco bell.

  • Digital wallet

Along with apple pay, taco bell takes online wallets like Google pay, Samsung pay, etc., at their restaurants, drive-thru orders, or on online orders.

  • Gift cards

You can easily use taco bell gift cards or e-gift cards to pay for your online food orders at taco bell.

  • SNAP cards

Once eligible for the supplemental nutrition assistance program, you can easily use the SNAP cards to pay for your food order at taco bell.


Apple pay is an easy digital payment method used on various platforms. Due to the efficiency and privacy of apple pay, it is also considered an accepted form of payment by a popular American food chain known as taco bell.

Does Taco Bell take cash?

Yes, taco bell accepts cash from customers, but only at restaurants. If you want to place an order from Taco Bell online or at the drive-thru, you must use the best alternative payment options.

Does Taco Bell have nacho fries?

 Yes, taco bell has nacho fries. The grilled cheese nacho fries take the page out of the grilled cheese burrito book. You can also get a heaping amount of fries topped only with grilled marinated steak, nacho fries, etc.

Can we do a taco bell mobile order?

You can place a food order from Taco Bell on your mobile device. But remember that the taco bell app is only available on iPhone ( of version 14.0 and above) and Android ( of version 6.0 and above).

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