Does Dave and Buster’s take Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

Today, 5,480 banks support Apple Pay worldwide. Also, over 507 million people use Apple Pay for daily transactions from their iPhones and Apple Watch. The demand for Apple Pay is rapidly increasing because it is a secure payment platform. All your card details are re-encrypted, and Apple Pay doesn’t reveal even a minute of transaction detail.

Therefore, many stores are adopting Apple Pay for payments due to the growing number of Apple Pay users. In this blog, we’ll learn if Dave and Buster’s accept Apple Pay in their stores.

Do Dave and Buster’s accept Apple Pay?

Dave and Buster's take Apple Pay

Dave and Buster’s is a popular restaurant and entertainment chain in America. A total of 151 Dave and Buster’s outlets are present throughout America and two in Canada. Here you discover exhilarating classic games you can play with your friends all day and simultaneously munch on delicious food. Also, you can have drinks at Dave and Buster’s bar.

The good news is that Dave and Buster’s accept Apple Pay. So, you can play games all day, have fun and rely on Apple Pay for your expenses. In addition, you can pay for food and drinks using your Apple Wallet.  

Dave and Buster’s allows Apple Pay users to purchase gamer credits and fun-filled power cards. A user must upload the power card in their Dave and Buster’s account and get a flat 50% bargain on the next gameplay. So, pay conveniently via your iPhone the next time you visit Dave and Buster’s.

Here’s how you can pay at Dave and Buster’s using Apple Pay:

  • Double-click your iPhone’s side buttons to launch Apple Pay.
  • Hold your device near the card-reader terminal. Authenticate your payment via Face ID or Password.

Your payment completes when you see a checkmark symbol flashing across the screen. Now, let’s understand if Dave and Buster’s have a credit card option.

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Do Dave and Busters have a credit card option?

Dave and Buster’s permit users to pay via credit cards. Moreover, many customers use credit cards to pay for gameplay at Dave and Buster’s. 

Dave and Buster’s associate will take your credit card to swipe and make payment. Credit cards are acceptable in restaurants and bar corners as well.

You can also use an Apple Credit Card for all payments. Apple Credit Card is one of the most secure cards today, which ensures instant payments.

Another exciting news for Apple Pay users is that you can avail of a 50% discount on all gameplay at Dave and Buster’s using a power card. So, take advantage of this deal and play wholeheartedly at Dave and Buster’s with your friends. Finally, we’ll look at Dave and Buster’s payment methods.

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Dave and Buster’s payment methods

Here are all the payment methods Dave and Buster’s accept:

  • Apple Pay
  • Power Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Cash
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

Customers can use any of the above payment methods at Dave and Buster’s to enjoy playing their favorite childhood games. The power card allows users to enjoy a 50% discount on games. However, you must activate power cards in Dave and Buster’s app. 


Apple Pay revolutionizes the contactless payment structure. Apple Users tap and pay from their Apple Wallets securely. The checkout experience using Apple Pay is seamless and private. Today, Apple Pay gives a tough fight to traditional payment methods, such as credit or debit cards.

Apple Pay ensures double authentication before transferring money to another person’s account. Also, none of your transaction detail leaks as all the payments are double encrypted. So, customers were thrilled when they learned that Dave and Buster’s accepts Apple Pay. Rush to your nearby Dave and Buster’s outlet, play games, and pay via Apple Pay from any iOS device.

Do Dave and Buster's stores have Google Pay?

Dave and Buster’s recently started accepting Google Pay as their payment method. However, some counters might not take it because they still need to update the payment structure.

Does Dave and Buster's take cash?

Customers can pay via cash at Dave and Busters, and it’s one of their widely used payment methods.

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