Does Amazon take Afterpay in Stores/Online (2024)?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. You can buy anything you want on this website. There isn’t any product that is currently not available on this site. It has a great reputation worldwide.

On the other hand, after payment is an Australian private limited company that believes in the Buy now and Pay later policy. It is currently used by a large audience worldwide. It operates in the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

It was established in 2014 by Molnar and Eisen. In this article, we will know whether Amazon accepts Afterpay or not. If yes, then How can you pay at Amazon with Afterpay?

Can you pay with Afterpay on Amazon?

Amazon take Afterpay

This can not be answered directly as it is quite complex. By the way, Amazon does not directly accept Afterpay. However, there is another way you can make payment at Amazon with Afterpay; we discuss them below. 

There is some reason behind the rejection of Afterpay by Amazon. First of all, Amazon has the largest market share in the E-commerce industry.

The second reason can be that Amazon has its card and limit.” numbers of “Buy now Pay later.” Amazon already has many payment-making apps collaborated with. In such a way, any company will never try to give profit to a third vendor as Amazon already has a big base over the world. 

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Does Amazon accept Afterpay? 

As we discussed above, currently, there is no direct way to make transactions with Afterpay at Amazon. 

However, there is another way through which After pay users can single time make the transactions. But currently, there is no policy for Amazon to make Afterpay a default payment method. 

You can try to add your card to a default payment method at Amazon, but this will not work as there are some personal interests and reasons for Amazon we have discussed above.

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How Does Afterpay Work?

“Buy now, Pay later is a great initiative by afterpay; with its help, anyone can buy the product as he wishes and pay it within 30 days in installments. There is a wide range of networks afterpay other than Amazon. Like Nordstrom, Home Depot, Target, etc. 

You may be surprised that Afterpay users do not pay interest on their credit cards. 

They set up their account, and transactions are done automatically throughout the year by credit or debit card, whatever they have set.

After pay, users do not pay interest until they are late with remittance. The first payment users make 25% of the value, including taxes and shipping. 

How to use Afterpay on Amazon? 

As we all know that Amazon does not officially accept Afterpay. But you can still make payment by afterpay on Amazon.

It can be done through Afterpay’s single payment mechanism. Anyone can make a payment by following some steps. There are some loopholes in Afterpay. 

The best option is to open a credit card, which behaves like any other card. 

Amazon cannot distinguish between Afterpay’s and other providers’ credit cards. Don’t worry; follow the steps given below to make payment by afterpay on Amazon:

Step 1: Open your Afterpay app. Suppose your phone does not have Afterpay. Download it from the play store.

Step 2:  Go to the ‘shop’ option and click on Amazon.

Step 3: You need to put your account and shipping details here. 

Step 4: After landing in the payment section, click “Add Payment Method.”

Step 5: Tap on “Add a debit or credit card”

Step 6: Here, you will see that a button as “Buy now, Pay later” will be automatically activated. 

Step 7: Don’t click on “set as a default payment method.” Instead of that, click on the “Buy now” button. 

Step 8: From here, Afterpay will fill in the credit card details, and now you can place your order. You need to enter a credit or debit card secret code while making the transaction for security purposes.

So this was a simple format through which any new or old Afterpay user could easily make transactions at Amazon without interruption. 

You have to be clear not to add your Afterpay card as a default payment method, as Amazon may apply charges for any future product you offer, and that will be automatically declined. 

However, you can still use your account for purchases.


Afterpay is known worldwide due to its great policy of “Buy now, Pay later,” But Amazon directly does not accept Afterpay.

If we closely examine the matter, we will see that Amazon does not officially accept Afterpay due to personal interest and reason. However, anyone can make a payment on Amazon by afterpay through a single-use payment method. 

You can also do that by following some steps we have discussed above. For some other transaction-making apps, it may be surprising that Afterpay does not charge any charges on their credit or debit cards until the user is late with remittance. Amazon already has a large user base and allows different payment-making apps to make the payment. 

What stores accept Afterpay?

Amazon does not accept Afterpay, which does not mean other platforms will not accept Afterpay. Some big platforms that accept Afterpay are Target, Nordstrom, Home Depot, etc. 

Does Amazon Prime have Afterpay?

No, Amazon Prime currently does not accept Afterpay for some reason. You have to use other payment methods to pay for Amazon prime. 

What "Buy now and Pay later" does Amazon accept?

Amazon does not accept Afterpay’s “Buy now, Pay later.” Amazon allows their cards to “Buy now, Pay later.” While making payments for Amazon Prime, you can use Amazon Monthly Payments. Amazon itself offers it.

How does Amazon's "Buy now, Pay later" work?

Amazon’s “Buy now and Pay later” works the same as other payment-making apps, “Buy now, Pay later.” You have to apply for Amazon Monthly Payment to get it. If you have extensive purchase history, then Amazon will not allow you to use the Amazon Monthly Payment system.

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