Does Safeway take Apple Pay in Store/Online (Guide 2024)? 

Safeway is an American supermarket chain that is currently operating in the USA. It was started in 1915 in  American Falls. It especially deals in grocery stores, fuel, pharmacies, etc. There is a vast chain that is currently operating in the USA. 

Apple Pay is a modern payment-making app. It is fast and easy to use, and anyone can navigate it. It helps reduce plastic cards and Cash, which is too good for the environment. 

If you use Apple pay as your payment method, your transaction will be safe and secure. This article will talk about whether Safeway takes apple pay or not. If yes, then how can we pay? All the doubts will also be cleared. 

Does Safeway accept apple pay in stores? 

Safeway take apple pay

Yes, Safeway takes Apple pay in stores. In 2017, Safeway announced that it would accept Apple in stores in all the locations of the USA and Canada. 

You can go to any Safeway store and pay through Apple Pay. However, you can still not order anything online with the help of Apple pay because Safeway accepts Apple Pay in stores only. 

Therefore you have to use some different methods to make payments at Safeway. We will discuss further what different payment methods Safeway accepts. 

Does Safeway accept Apple Pay for Gas? 

If Safeway stores accept Apple Pay, then Safeway gas stations should also accept Apple pay. The concept is very simple, as we know that Safeway is accepting Apple Pay only in stores. 

Therefore if you’re refueling your vehicle, you must go inside the store to make the transaction. You can not pay for the fuel at the station as it is against the company’s policy. 

And it would help if you asked the employer of Safeway before making the transaction. You have to ask the cashier whether they accept Apple Pay Or not. If they accept, you can go with Apple Pay; if not, you have to use other options to make the payment; we will discuss those methods in the sections below. 

Does Safeway fuel take Apple Pay? 

While taking fuel for your vehicle, you must visit the Safeway Fuel station. But again, you must remember that total stations would not accept your payment. 

It would be best if you visited the Safeway fuel store near that Fuel station to make the transaction. You have to ask the cashier whether they accept Apple Pay, and then you can pay for the fuel you have taken. 

However, most of the Safeway stores accept Apple Pay. You don’t have to worry about it after fuelling your vehicle; you can easily make the payment after getting clarity from the cashier whether they take Apple pay or not. 

Making a transaction through Apple Pay at a Safeway store is the same as paying for the products you have bought from other stores. You have to follow the same procedure to make the payment successfully. 

How to use Apple Pay at Safeway? 

Paying at Safeway stores with Apple Pay is a very easy process. You can transfer the funds by Apple, like at other stores. 

Most Apple Pay users have ideas about how to use Apple Pay at different stores. 

However, new users may have trouble making the payment as they are new and need to learn more about navigating Apple Pay to make transactions. 

By the way, Apple Pay guides their new users to make transactions through Apple Pay, but 

You don’t need to worry much, as I am here to help you so that you can pay with Apple Pay at any store of your choice by following some easy steps.

So, before making transactions through Apple Pay, you must first Set up Apple Pay for Safeway. Setting up Apple Pay is a small procedure. It will take 2 to 5 minutes to set up. These are the steps to set up your Apple Pay account for Safeway Stores:

Step 1: Open the Apple wallet on your iPhone. In modern iPhones, Apple Wallet is Pre-installed, so you don’t need to install it from the App Store. 

Step 2: Click on the “+” Sign on your iPhone at the right corner of the screen to add your card. 

Step 3: You can sign in to your Apple ID if you still need to sign up. Once you sign in with your Apple ID, you will get access to your Wallet. 

Step 4: Here, you will get different cards to add. Now you can choose your previous cards that will pop up on the screen or enter the card information into your Wallet. 

Step 5: Choose any of your cards to set as default. If you have used more than 12 cards, you must have two or three cards that you have thought of putting in your Wallet.

You must be clear about whether you use your selected primary card as a default payment method. 

Step 6: You must verify that your card can make or receive the transactions. You must make a transaction to confirm that your Wallet has been set up with Apple Pay. 

That’s it! Your apple wallet has been connected with your apple pay.

Now let’s see how you can use Apple Pay at Safeway stores to make transactions. Steps to make transactions with Apple pay at Safeway stores are as follow: 

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and open the apple wallet in it. 

Step 2: While paying at the store, you will get multiple security options to make payment like Touch ID, Face ID, or password. You have to choose one of these three security options that you have set on your iPhone. 

Step 3: After security verification, your transaction must be processed; here, you need to keep your iPhone close to the reader so that it can catch your device to receive the payment. It just takes a few seconds to receive the payment. 

Step 4: Once the transaction completes, you will receive a green check mark or “Done” On your screen, showing that the transaction has been successfully made. 

After 2 or 3 minutes, you will also receive a message regarding the transaction through which you will be clear that the transaction has been made. 

Safeway Payment Methods : 

There is no doubt that Apple Pay is one of the best options to make contactless transactions, but some of the users of Safeway do not use Apple pay to make transactions. So what are the alternatives of Apple Pay that Safeway stores accept?

Well, Safeway accepts a large variety of payment options. It takes Visa cards, master cards, American Express, SNAP/ EBT, Cash, and Google pay as well. 

You can pay with Google Pay if you use it. These were some payment options that any customer could use to pay at Safeway. You can choose your payment method according to your choice and comfort. 

Is Apple pay cashback available at Safeway: 

Getting cashback on any transaction has become a trend nowadays. Lots of payment-making platforms allow cashback to their users. 

Now, there must be doubt in every person’s mind whether the Safeway stores allow CashCash back on Safeway.

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, it allows, but there is a condition that your debit card must be directly linked with your account to make the transactions.

But there is a problem: only some stores give cashback when you purchase something with Apple pay. Only a few Safeway stores offer CashCash Back to Apple Pay users.

So you should first consult the receptionist to confirm whether their store allows CashCash back or not. 


Safeway is a supermarket chain spread over the world and deals in grocery, fuel, pharmacy, etc. Safeway has announced to take apple pay. 

Now Apple Pay users can make transactions using Apple Pay. But Apple Pay users cannot pay for the product they have purchased online because Apple Pay only accepts in-store payment for Apple Pay users.

You can set up your apple pay account and make the payment at Safeway stores with some easy steps explained above.

Apart from Apple Pay, Safeway also accepts Visa cards, master cards, American Express, SNAP/ EBT, and CashCash. 

It also accepts Google pay which is another contactless payment method. You can also earn cashback while using Apple Pay at Safeway stores. 


Can I pay at Safeway with my phone? 

Yes, you can pay at Safeway with your phone, but there is a condition that your phone must have Apple Pay or Google to make the payment. 

Is Safeway accepting Apple Pay? 

Safeway accepts Apple Pay but only in their stores. You can make the payment for the product you have purchased online from Safeway with Apple pay. 

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