How to stepbet app download [2024] How does StepBet payout?

What is stepbet app?

StepBet is an activity and fitness app developed and presented by WayBetter Inc. It provides personalized step goals to the users based on the activity tracker history. The users can bet money on themselves to achieve their personalized targets provided by the app. Stepbet app also provides weekly health-centric games encouraging the users to walk and achieve their daily fitness targets.

Players must be about 18 years of age. Only those steps must be taken into account which are measured by the activity trackers. The StepBet app can be integrated with several activity trackers like iPhone Apple Health, iPhone Apple Watch, Fitbit for both Android & iOS, Google Fit Android S Health, and S Gear devices. Bets for all games should be paid upfront via PayPal, credit card, or players can also use the winning amounts from other games.

How to stepbet app download?

How to start a stepbet game

The Stepbet app is available for direct download from the Play Store and the App Store. To get the app from Google Play Store, users can search for the app and install it. 

For App Store users, they can tap on the “Get” button and then enter the Apple Passcode followed by installing the application.

How to start a stepbet game?

To start a game on StepBet, users can download the application first of all. Then, they need to select the step source from Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Garmin. This data from the fitness trackers will be obtained by StepBet to create customized fitness goals for the users. 

Then, users can search for a game and to officially join a game, they can place a bet on the game’s pot. Users can further walk and exercise to achieve their fitness goal and win the bets. Users can also split the pot with other winners.


Millions of users have downloaded stepbet app from Play Store and App Store. They have liked the app and added positive reviews for it. The app enjoys a rating of 4.4 on the Play Store and 4.8 on the App Store.

Apps like stepbet

Alternatives of the StepBet app include HealthyWage, DietBet, Sweatcoin, PlayFitt, Achievement, Optimity, Charity Miles, etc.


How does StepBet payout?

Winning amount is deposited in the form of points once a game ends and then players can use those points in other games or request a payout to their PayPal account. The winnings cannot be cashed out to the credit card. In case of paper check payout, a $5 fee will be deducted by StepBet. After a year of inactivity, the points expire.

Is a StepBet membership worth it?

StepBet Membership is a subscription-based membership program that can be purchased with a credit card or Apple ID. It is worthy to get a membership because it lets users access “Members Only” games. Members are also allowed to play 3 games simultaneously.

How much did you win on StepBet?

Players can make upto $10-$20 per month on StepBet.

How much money can you make with stepbet?

One game may last up to six weeks. Depending upon the set goals, players can win between $10-$25 per game with StepBet. When players win a game, they also receive the initial bet amount back.

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