How to close Flipkart pay later account permanently (2024)?

You should know how to close your Flipkart pay later account permanently even if you don’t use the Pay Later service because it affects your credit score and may close to maintaining the accuracy of your CIBIL score. You must contact Flipkart to deactivate this account once a Pay Later account has been deleted because there is no option on the Flipkart website or app to terminate the Pay Later service.

How to close Flipkart pay later account permanently?

close Flipkart pay later account permanently

A service provided by the Indian e-commerce company Flipkart is called Flipkart Pay Later. Instead of paying for things when they are purchased on Flipkart, it enables users to do so and pay for them later. It may be a practical choice for customers who wish to buy anything from Flipkart but may need more money ready to pay immediately. Only clients who qualify can presently use Flipkart Pay Later. The new way for closing a Flipkart Pay Later account permanently is discussed in this post.

1. Launch the Flipkart website or mobile app and sign into your account.

2. Visit the page for the Flipkart help center.

3. The choice “I want help with other issues” can be found.

4. Click Others, then click Other.

5. You can now chat with the customer service representative or ask for a callback from them.

6. Request that they disable the account and mail all closure documentation once you have established a chat or phone connection.

7. Your Flipkart Pay Later account will be closed in a month and appear closed in your CIBIL report in the following two to three months.

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How to delete the Flipkart pay later option online?

Your Flipkart PayLater account can be closed. Are you up for doing that? If this is the case, keep reading for information on how to close your Flipkart Pay Later account online. The online retailer Flipkart offers a “Pay later account” option via which customers can open an account and receive a credit limit of up to $20,000 that they can use for purchases and pay off the remaining balance the following month.  Your Aadhaar Card and Pan Card can log into your Pay later account application. If you need help determining whether you have a Pay Later loan account, you can check your CIBIL score report (IDFC FIRST Bank). If you do, you can shut it down whenever you want to prevent a drop in your credit score.

Delete Flipkart Pay later options Online 

● For the previous two years, I have used the Flipkart Pay Later feature, which I have now closed online.

● I first called the Flipkart customer service line, and they informed me there was no way to cancel my Pay later account. To close my account, I called IFDC First Bank (a partner bank), but I was told that Flipkart must cancel for them to proceed.

● In the end, I asked to close my Pay Later account in an email to the Flipkart escalations team at [email protected].

● My Flipkart Pay Later account was terminated five days later. You can see that I’ve disabled the Pay later option on my account.

● You can so online cancel and close your Flipkart Pay later account in this manner. You can email a partner bank to request the removal of the loan account from your CIBIL score once your Flipkart Pay Later account has been closed.


The simplest method to delete your Pay Later account on Flipkart is to call customer service and let them know you want to do so, along with a brief explanation. In this, customer service is provided around-the-clock, so you can contact us whenever you want.

Can I deactivate my Flipkart Pay Later?

Before closing your Pay Later account, contact Flipkart customer support at (0629) 789-2291. Then, the affiliated bank will close your loan account. Within two to three months, it will no longer be factored into your CIBIL score.

What happens if I don't use my Flipkart Pay Later balance?

If you do not use your Flipkart pay later balance, Flipkart may assess a late payment fee for failing to make your payment promptly. Additionally, interest may be assessed on the outstanding balance. By damaging your credit score, not paying your Flipkart pay later payment could make it more challenging for you to borrow money in the future. 

Will Flipkart Pay Later affect my CIBIL score?

Your CIBIL score may be affected by using Flipkart Pay Later. They have agreements in place with IDFC Bank to provide this service. Opening a loan account with IDFC Bank is planned, and the specifics are visible in the CIBIL report.

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