Does Apple Wallet have a card number (A Quick Guide)?

Apple Pay links your card’s account information in Apple Wallet. So, Apple Wallet stores your coupons, pass, discount offers, transaction history, and card information. Hence, you are free to keep your physical cards everywhere. Apple Wallet allows you to pay from your iOS device. You can use Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad for this purpose. 

As a result, many Apple Pay users find Apple Wallet its most helpful feature. In this blog, we’ll learn several informative things about Apple Wallet. First, let’s decode if the Apple Wallet contains a card number.

Does Apple Wallet have a card number?

Apple Wallet have a card number

Users can know about their card numbers on Apple Wallet. It stores all the essential details.

Apple owners get the advantage of using the most secure payment app known as Apple Pay. It relies on NFC technology that makes contactless payment reliable and convenient. Apple Pay doesn’t reveal your card information and creates a unique account number. The account number protects all your transactional details. Therefore, there are 507 million Apple Pay users globally. 

Another advantageous feature of Apple Pay is Apple Wallet. It saves your card information and all the transaction history. Apple Wallet only exposes transaction information if the owner authenticates it. Another benefit of Apple Wallet is that you can use Apple Pay even if you lose your card. 

Apple Wallet gives users access to their card numbers. Also, users can pay for their online purchases using a virtual card number. It is available on all Apple devices. Apple Wallet’s brilliant interface makes this process more seamless.

Now, let’s proceed and learn how you can see the card number on your Apple Wallet.

How to see the card number on apple wallet?

As mentioned earlier, Apple Wallet stores your card information. 

Let’s look at how you can see your card number from Apple Wallet on various Apple devices.

From iPhone

  • Go to your Apple Wallet application.
  • Click on Apple Card.
  • Select your card number icon.
  • Authenticate the process.
  • You will find your card number beside the virtual card number.

From iPad

  • Launch the settings app.
  • Scroll down till you find Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Click on Apple Card. 
  • Select the Info section.
  • Click on Card Information.
  • Authenticate the process.
  • Your card number will now appear on the screen.

From Apple Watch

  • Launch Apple Wallet.
  • Click on Apple Card.
  • Scroll down till you find ‘Card Information.’ Click on it.
  • Authenticate the process via your Face ID, Passcode, or Touch ID.
  • You can now see your card number beside the virtual card number.

Follow the abovementioned steps to find your card number from the Wallet App. Furthermore, we’ll learn how to discover Apple card numbers without Wallets.

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How to find an Apple card number without a wallet?

Unfortunately, you need an Apple Wallet to access your Apple card number. Your card information permanently saves in your Apple Wallet once you sign up with Apple Pay. Additionally, Apple Wallet forwards your transactions and tracks them. Consequently, you will find your payment history in Apple Wallet.

Therefore, your information remains secure and accessible when you pay a merchant or online. Apple Pay ensures to store the user’s card information in the Apple Wallet and creates a distinctive account number. It is available online. So, you must access your wallet app only to get the Apple Card Number. 

Linking your card with Apple Wallet is beneficial because your account money is safe, and no one can steal it. 

So, use Apple Wallet to see your Card Number. You can take help from the above steps to see your card number in your Wallet.


Apple uses MasterCard to process payments. So, users get its advantages such as fraud protection, membership offers, and identity theft security. Therefore, Apple ensures reliable contactless payments. 

Apple Pay is linked with Apple Wallet, which enhances security. As a result, users can safely pay in the stores and online. You can always use an Apple Card for more advantages and cashback. Linking Apple Cards with Apple Pay opens the door to various opportunities and discounts. So, connect with Apple Pay and join the safest payment method in the world.

How many numbers are on an Apple card?

There is only one 12-digit card number on the Apple Card. You can also find CVV on the card that authenticates your payment during the purchase.

How does apple wallet know my new card number?

You must update your latest card information in the Apple Wallet if your card expires or has been lost or stolen. The new account number automatically updates your Apple Wallet in the latest iOS versions.

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