Does Ralphs take Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

Ralphs is a supermarket company that supplies groceries and other home essential products. It is the subsidiary of the Cincinnati-based Kroger supermarket chain in South California. You can visit the Ralphs store or order online and rely on your payment methods for purchases on Apple Pay. Recently, Ralphs has started accepting Apple Pay as the payment method in 184 stores located throughout America. 

So, let’s look at how you can use Apple Pay in Ralphs stores and online. 

How to use Apple Pay on Ralphs?

Ralphs take Apple Pay

Ralphs store is popular in the Southeastern American states as it provides fresh groceries, beverages, meat, and other high-quality products. Additionally, use digital coupons and fuel points to avail of more discounts and exhilarating offers. 

Place your phone in front of the card reader machine and pay for the items you wish to purchase at Ralphs store.

Step-by-step instructions to use Apple Pay on Ralphs online store:

  • Add all your grocery or essential items to the cart.
  • Checkout and proceed to payment.
  • Select “Apple Pay” as your payment method.

Let’s understand whether Ralphs accepts Apple Pay for shopping at Instacart. 

Does Ralphs accept Apple Pay for Instacart?

Instacart is an online service app associated with various grocery stores in America. It includes Walmart, Target, Ralphs, and CVS. Fortunately, you can pay for the items purchased at the Ralphs store on Instacart. Instacart accepts NFC technology for payment, i.e., Apple Pay.

Here are the steps to pay via Apple Pay to the Ralphs for Instacart:

  • First, you must be signed on to the Instacart app.
  • Second, visit the Ralphs store within the app.
  • Begin with your order and add your favorite items to the cart. 
  • Proceed to checkout and then pay. 
  • Select Apple Pay as the payment method. 
  • Securely complete your payment and wait for your items to arrive.

So, shop to the fullest because through Instacart, you can pay for your Ralphs shopping. Let’s move further and know if Ralphs gas takes Apple Pay. 

Does Ralphs gas take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, paying for Ralphs gas via Apple Pay is unavailable. However, you can pay through a debit card, credit card, or cash. Additionally, paying via credit or debit card gets you 2% money back and avails of 50% fuel points.

Although Apple Pay has yet to be accepted as the payment method at Ralphs, the good news is that Kroger announced it will adopt NFC technology soon. Therefore, shortly you will be able to use Apple Pay at Kroger. 

Now, we’ll learn whether Ralphs Italian ices take Apple Pay.

Do Ralphs Italian ices take Apple Pay?

Kroger’s Ralphs most famous store, Italian Ices, accepts Apple Pay and Credit or Debit cards as the payment method. For over 90 years, Italian Ices has provided Americans with the best ice cream flavors. So, let’s understand how you can use Apple Pay to enjoy your favorite ice cream at Italian Ices.

Here are the steps to use Apple Pay on Ralphs Italian Ices store:

  • Double tap the right side button of your iPhone. 
  • Now, the default card will pop up on the screen, which allows you to make a payment. 
  • Look at the iPhone for Face ID authentication or enter the password key. 
  • Finally, hold your iPhone a few centimeters away from the card reader Ralphs store associate provides you. Your payment will complete as soon as you receive a “Done” message at the Ralphs store.

 Finally, let’s look at all the payment methods accepted by Ralphs.

Ralphs payment methods

Ralphs offers most payment methods for online and in-store grocery and essential purchases.

Ralphs’ in-store payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Cash
  • Kroger Pay

Ralphs’ online payment methods:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Kroger Pay


You can purchase everything from meat, vegetables, ice creams, fruits, and other items to liquor and home decor at Ralphs store. Your enthusiasm will increase after knowing that most Ralphs stores accept Apple Pay. So, pay seamlessly and safely at Ralphs using Apple Pay.


Does Ralphs pay contactless? 

Kroger’s Ralphs has initiated a contactless payment method known as Kroger Pay. It is a simple and quick payment app specially made for purchases at Ralphs.

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