Character AI guidelines/Rules – You Must Know

Artificial Intelligence is the best option available for creating and crafting different characters.

The technology was developed by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas. They worked previously for Google LaMDA and have put forth a full grown AI general intelligence unit for creating AI generated fictional characters.

Character AI is an option to consider when you wish to make your favourite characters a reality. Any kind of characters is possible to create whether it’s a living character or a fictional character into a reality.

When creating such characters with the help of AI technology, you need to keep in mind a few guidelines.

These would include restrictions related to age, content sharing, community standards, and also around off topic post creations.

The best part of this technology is that they use a neural language model which means that your AI characters can talk and respond like us. The character development implements the GPT model from Open AI.

The GPT-2 model is capable of analyzing the input words and responding back accordingly. It uses the transformer architecture model where your words get through a thorough analysis process. The first step goes into training the model with thousands of different words and articles, research papers and much more.

But then not everyone can use it and it comes with different guidelines which are the following;

  1. Restrictions around age: Not everyone can use it, no matter how capable they are. You will need to be at least 13 years and for European Union residents, you must be at least 16.
  2. No external links are allowed to get posted neither in the comments nor in the posts.
  3. Similar content or feedback cannot also be posted and also content around altering the system is not allowed since they are already available in the FAQ segment.
  4. Maintaining the genuine amicable guidelines when interacting with the society is a must. The community does not allow bullying, harassing or any sort of dysfunctional behavioural patterns.
  5. No self promotion is allowed and nor can you promote other apps through the platform.
  6. Comparing AI technologies with Character AI is however, allowed and that too if only they are highly relevant.
  7. Misusing Character AI and also circumnavigating site controls is something you won’t be allowed to do and the list of terms and services including the privacy policies are still not totally in place.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can you not do with the Character AI platform?

These are the following things you cannot do on the Character AI platform;

  • You cannot create any sort of malicious content or any sort of abusive content.
  • No permission is granted to access the source code unless it becomes an Open AI platform.
  • No advertising of any sort can be done through the platform, neither can people buy and sell using it.
  • Computer viruses cannot be uploaded by any means into the Character AI at any point.
  • Criminal and illegal activities cannot be promoted using Character AI

Do you have privacy and can you preserve it when using Character AI?

You have privacy but you will need to agree to the following;

  • They would collect and use personal information in a certain manner.
  • Character AI might provide links to different websites including different social media and third party website links.
  • Privacy policy will get updated from time to time to make things work.


Here’s all about Character AI if you want better of it. Find better ways in which you can manage and work around the Character AI guidelines and also find out more about it here. Consider all points before you start using it as its restrictions are quite essential to follow.

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