How to send bitcoin on Etoro App (Complete Guide)?

The eToro platform is the best option people have for buying, sending, and transferring Cryptocurrency. There are no hard processes involved in Bitcoin transactions using the platform. You will need no wallet creation and you will also not need any kind of technical edge to figure out how the system works. It can be accessed easily by novices and non-technical people.

How to send bitcoin on Etoro app?

Those who want to transfer bitcoins using the eToro platform will need to fulfill the following two requirements.

1.  For transaction of bitcoin on eToro app they must have an account for themselves

For the account, users will need a mobile number, a phone, a residing state, and previous deposits must be present for the transfer of bitcoin on eToro app and there needs to be some available balance in the app.

2.  They must be aware of their crypto position to send bitcoin on eToro app

Those who have cryptocurrencies held in the form of copies like the copy trader or the smart portfolios cannot be transferred through the eToro platform.

Only those bitcoins that are available for transfer can be transferred through the eToro account.

How much transfer minimum is needed to make the transfer needs to be deduced from this link.

Now, if you are aware of everything mentioned here, you can follow the below steps to carry out the process and transfer your bitcoins to an external wallet.

  • From your mobile, open the app to send bitcoin on eToro app and then sign in to it.
  • Wherever you see a crypto icon on the screen, click it and then click on the wallet to view it.
  • They have an automatic wallet created and you will need no separate wallet for the process.
  • Choose bitcoins as the type of Cryptocurrency you wish to send.
  • Click on the send tab to complete sending the bitcoins across.
  • But when you click on that tab, you will need to choose the amount you want to send and also entered the recipient’s address. You can also scan the QR code which will reflect the recipient’s public address and double check the address to confirm it.
  • Once you are sure of the address, click on the send tab.
  • Enter the SMS code sent to your mobile number and then click on the verify option to complete the process.

Once done with the entire process, a screen will open which will confirm you send out the request.

Click on the bitcoins to check the status of your transfer.

If you are running short of funds, ensure you have put enough amount when buying bitcoins and also ensure you haven’t entered the wrong public address as there is no way to ask for a return if it is wrongly sent to another address.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you transfer money from the eToro wallet to the eToro platform?

It is only a one-way process and if you once transfer bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency from the crypto platform to the wallet you cannot transfer it back.

How do you transfer bitcoins from your eToro platform to your wallet?

Follow these steps to complete the process;

  1. Visit your Portfolio here (or use it from the sidebar)
  2. Press on the crypto you want to transfer, In the list of your open trades for bitcoins, click on the type of trade you wish to make.
  3. From the Edit Trade screen, press the ‘Transfer to Wallet’ tab and then review the transfer’s details. 

Press on the ‘Transfer to eToro Money Wallet’ to start the process. 


Here is the way you can send bitcoins from the eToro app or site to others and also find more information on the same. Those who wish to understand better before making the transaction must read thoroughly about the process before going ahead with the trading of their factored Cryptocurrency.

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