Now AI dating app replacing ‘genuine human interaction

Replika was built by an AI startup Luka to bind wounds caused by deceased partners. Built-in 2017, the app has reached a 35% rise in use mostly during the pandemic. It currently boasts of having 10 million users.

But over these years Luka has evolved from being a soothsayer or balm to one’s heart and has become a dating app. Most precisely, it is being termed an AI-dating app.

Hayden Brown working as a human behavior specialist says that it is human nature to transmigrate from pain and move towards pleasure. More than forming a human connection by going out, most in this generation prefer being behind closed doors and seeking gratification from AI-induced tools.

Replika is one such dating tool that has learned to imitate human behavior. If you want to date an Ai on it, you will get responses you want to get from it. Most people know it is not real but then people want to move away from pain.

Human behavior is moving dangerously towards finding nothing interesting in others. Sometimes, over-expectations or under-expectations are also ruining the way people want to see life.

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What is it with the AI dating app Replika?

ai dating app

Those who are widely using the tool are mostly people who have either received rejections from multiple humans or are scared of forming new relations due to previous unforgettable scenarios. Some of them also might come to the app considering themselves not good enough for others.

Brown still vouches for a human connection and believes it is only a human who could make things easy for another in reality. When in a relationship, people will need to vouch for both the good and the bad and balance them both to reach harmony.

Apps and dating AI models are uncharted territories for human behavior and many feel instead of influencing them, AI bots might in turn create unnecessary expectations or too high expectations when searching for real partners. The whole world could fall into the cataclysm of loneliness where mingling would become a strange concept soon.

Creating a perfect partner who caters to your everyday needs is a dangerous combination. Most people can fall into believing that one gender can control the other effortlessly. But the apps are still in their initial stages and it is hard to say they can do what they are feared.

Find out more about the Replika app and decide for yourself if you want to do it.

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