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Are you Looking for a app? You are on the right track. Here, you will get all details about it along with Croxyproxy download link. It is one of the best alternatives to VPN and it is completely free.

Read the complete article to know the best uses and features of the Croxyproxy application.

Croxyproxy App Download

Croxyproxy is a fast, efficient, and free web proxy app/website. It is used to get access to various sites and web applications that a normal network denies.

Using this proxy app, you can explore the block sites in your region. You can excess sites, watch HD videos, listen to music, excess social media sites, etc.

It provides more than you get in normal browsers. The best thing is it is totally free of cost.

If you have used other proxies before, then you must face the problems like slow website access, website layout break, not running properly, etc. But it is not in the case of Croxyproxy app.

It uses advanced technology to provide fast website access without any layout break. It also supports audio and video streaming unlike other proxies available in the market.

Even, you can access Google, youtube, and other chatting apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc with fast access.

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Why should you use Croxyproxy app?

Protecting privacy is very important nowadays and Croxyproxy helps you to protect your privacy.

As you know, normal browsers shares your IP, location, and other details with third-party apps. But Croxyproxy app changes your ip & location when you are using the internet and makes you invisible.

So, you can access and surf anything freely without any worries. It uses advanced technology to encrypt all the data before transferring it to you.

Also, their servers are located in different countries of the EU which will help you to access blocked sites in your country easily.


Checkout, some mind-blowing and helpful features of the Croxyproxy app/website.

  • While browsing the internet through Croxyproxy app, your personal ip address remains hidden.
  • It helps you to access blocked sites in your region.
  • It provides fast internet browsing.
  • It protects you from non-encrypted websites.
  • It is compatible with any OS (Like Android, iOS, Windows, etc).
  • It supports all the latest browsers like Chrome, firefox, safari, etc.

The best part, you get all these features totally free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny to access the above features.

How to Download Croxyproxy app?

The best thing is you don’t need to download any software or app to use Croxyproxy. You can access it directly through your browser and start using it. With one click, you can access the Croxyproxy app.

Croxyproxy premium Features

If you want some extra features then, of course, you need to pay some amount for that. Croxyproxy also provides premium features for those users who want something extra.

  • You will get faster servers from countries like Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Canada, Israel.
  • You will be able to watch HD videos smoothly.
  • Ads will be removed for your smooth experience.
  • File size limitation will be removed.
  • You will get customer support as a priority.


This is all about Croxyproxy app download. Proxy websites are best as compared to VPN. For VPN, you need to invest a heavy amount and also it disconnects again and again and slows your internet connection. Save money and go for Croxyproxy.

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