Does Academy take Apple Pay in 2024 (Complete Guide)?

Apple Pay is a popular way to pay for things in the United States. Lots of places like stores and online shops let you use Apple Pay to pay for your stuff. With Apple Pay, you can easily send money to almost anyone at any time using your Apple Pay account. However, there are still some places that haven’t started using Apple Pay yet and might need to update their systems. So, to answer your question, does the Academy accept Apple Pay? Well, we’ll find out if they do!

Does the academy store accept Apple Pay?

Does Academy take apple pay?

YES, the Academy store does accept Apple Pay for payment. It’s really easy and quick to use Apple Pay at the store. You can pay in just a few seconds without any trouble. Apple Pay is a trusted payment method at the Academy store because it’s very reliable and works well most of the time. You can use it to pay for things at the store anytime, anywhere, and even send money to others if you need to.

Both companies have an excellent tie-up, and the store offers discounts or benefits for using Apple Pay. The same goes for the other side; Apple Pay also gives incentives for coupons or offers for using their services for payment at the Academy store. 

How to use Apple Pay on Academy?

You need to follow certain steps to pay for your things with Apple Pay without any dispute. 

  1. First, add all the things you need to buy to the cart.
  2. Once all the things are added, proceed toward the checkout.
  3. On the next page, you will have to select the address or add the address and click on ‘CHECKOUT.’
  4. Now, you will reach the payment gateway. You must select the Apple Pay option among the many other payment methods options.
  5. Once selected, proceed further to verify the payment from your Apple Pay.
  6. On this page, check all the details and the amount, and if you have any promo code with you, you can apply it there.
  7. Once all the details are checked, click on the Pay button. 

Finally, finish the Apple Pay verification, and your order will be placed. Money will be deducted from your Apple Pay account, and you will receive a notification. Simply follow these steps, and you can pay for our purchase at Academy via your Apple Pay account. 

Do Academy Sports take Apple Pay?

YES! Apple is a big company known worldwide. They made Apple Pay to make it easy for people to pay online and in stores. After checking thoroughly, it’s confirmed that you can use Apple Pay at Academy Sports.”

Even though you can’t directly use Apple Pay for online purchases at Academy Sports, you can still make it work. Instead of directly debiting money from your Apple Pay account, you can scan a QR code during checkout using your Apple Pay scanner. This way, your payment will go through Apple Pay, even though it’s for an online purchase at Academy Sports.

Academy payment methods

Academy is an advanced store and has an excellent payment gateway. Thus, it supports several payment methods apart from the widely used Apple pay. You can choose your payment method from the following list.

  • Academy
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Apple Pay
  • American Express
  • Venmo 

This store has almost every popular payment method for its customers. So, you will face no problem in paying for this store.


Apple Pay has become one of the reliable payment options across the internet. Thus, the Academy has adopted it too for paying for their products and services. There are very rare chances for any malfunction with the payment. Therefore without any doubts or hesitation, you can use your Apple Pay account for the payment at Academy in-store and through online applications.  


Does Academy take google pay?

No, the Academy does not accept payment from Google Pay. Still, there is room for growth, and soon, Academy will support Google Pay payment. Meanwhile, you can use Apple Pay to pay at the Academy stores or applications. 

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