How to USE zello walkie talkie app for android/iPhone [2024]

Walkie-talkie apps allow you to remain connected to your family and friends using old technology. Several apps have come up with the walkie-talkie device, however; most of them require some sort of connection. Bluetooth, Wifi, or mobile internet is essential for such apps to work. 

Even Apple services offer you a walkie-talkie device with their watch. With apple watches, you can convert them anytime to a walkie-talkie device. The walkie-talkie app is a device that was added with the watchOS (operating system) 5 update. It remains in watch OS6. With it, you can savor the old experience.

use and download zello walkie talkie app for android iPhone

How to use walkie talkie app without service?

The two-way walkie-talkie does not need your phone number, email, password, internet, or any type of cellular connection. It can work like a walkie-talkie simply. The only requirements are to 

  • Have your connections within a close range. 
  • Users must be tuned in to the same channel. 

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How to download zello walkie talkie app for android?

You can download the Zello walkie-talkie app from the Google Playstore for your Android devices.

How to install the app for iPhone?

The Zello walkie-talkie app for iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore hassle-free.

How to use zello walkie talkie app?

The Zello walkie-talkie app requires users to create an account after downloading it from the app stores and play stores.

  • Either sync in your contacts from your phone list or add new contacts separately.
  • If you wish to use the walkie-talkie device, choose a contact and long-hold the microphone tab.
  • Once the microphone tab is pressed, you can start talking over it.
  • Once you have spoken, release your hold over the microphone tab.
  • The message would be sent to the concerned person.
  • Make sure you keep pressing the microphone tab while talking. If you release it midway mistakenly, you might disrupt the delivery of the complete message. 

App Review

Zello needs internet but works great as a walkie-talkie device. People are already learning about its utility. Healthcare professionals, forest firefighters, and other emergency services are slowly transitioning to the Zello app for convenience. 

Google Playstore rates it at 4.4 and Apple AppStore rates it at 4.6.

The app has a friendly user interface, and optimal safety measures and the app offers immensely easy maneuvering techniques. Thus, going by them the app can definitely be rated more than 4.5 by us.

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