How to use Whisper App? (Create or delete Account)

What is the Whisper app:- It is an anonymous social media app that allows users to post or share stories and photos without being identified. You can create a whisper over a photo and anyone when opens the app can see such six anonymous posts on their platform. 

Messages have the option to be responded to publicly or privately by either choosing a public anonymous post or a pseudonymous chat made privately. There is no way to reach the person who posted it except through messages or posts.

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How to use the Whisper app?

To use the Whisper app, follow the below instructions.

  • Download the Whisper app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.
  • From the home screen you can browse through various people’s secrets and do so by location. You can also comment on their photo by tapping on the message and putting in your thoughts. Browse through several categories like popular, featured, and the latest segments.
  • Posting can be done by typing your content and then editing to add a background photo post which you can post it anonymously.
  • If you want to chat further, you can use your nickname to continue your chats.
  • Under the Me segment you can change your allotted nickname and view other stuff including likes and views.
  • To invite friends, tap on the message icon and then send invites through mails or text. To generate followers on Instagram then Famoid is for you.

How to delete the Whisper app account?

To delete the Whisper account, follow the steps noted below.

  • From Me go to Settings option.
  • From there open Support tab and open the Email support tab option.
  • Type in a request for deleting your account.
  • In the box given, mention the real reason behind deleting the account.
  • Additionally, you can also send a request mail to delete the account by sending a mail to [email protected].
  • In the subject line write, request for deleting the account.

 How to create the Whisper app account?

After downloading the Whisper app, you can further open the app and create an account.

The nickname is set by the app itself, but you can go ahead and change it from the Me segment/option.

Further, you don’t have to create or add much information to this account since it would either be an anonymous public profile or a pseudonymous private profile.

 Is it legit?

Yes, the Whisper app is 100 per cent legitimate and can be used by anybody who enjoys anonymous posting.

 Is the Whisper app safe?

It is one of the safest apps since no one in this app can spoil your name or send tinker messages. There is no way to contact you except through replies to your post.

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