Creative Writing Apps for Students: 10 Top Picks to Supercharge Your Writing in 2024

Writers are spoilt for choice when it comes to apps for creative writing. Regardless of your level of education or writing experience, every student could use some help to improve their writing skills. The best writers are not afraid to take advice or incorporate technology into their work to make great creative strides.

As every good writer knows, the more you write the quicker you become an expert. Whether you need help brainstorming ideas, writing your first draft, or developing interesting characters and scenes, shaking up things with writing apps can unlock your creativity. To help you pick up the correct creative writing apps for students, along with a creative writing service we have provided useful tips and a list of 10 apps you can use on any gadget.

How to Find the Best Free Creative Writing Apps for You

You’ll find lots of free creative writing apps online, but the best tools are the ones that match your writing style and process. A good app also makes you feel free from distractions. I find the best approach is to always start with the free version of the app to make sure that it does what you want it to. Sometimes, you won’t even need to opt for the premium version since the free version does everything you need.

It doesn’t matter if you aspire to be an author, article writer, or blogger — having tools that meet your writing needs will save you tons of time, money, and time. Even better, free academic writing apps are a huge bonus for students. So check our top picks and see the ones you can download for your laptop or use online.

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Best Creative Writing Apps for Students in 2024: 10 Top Picks to Ease Your Writing

Writing Challenge

The app is designed to spark creative ideas for writers using fun games. Writing challenge is appropriate when you’re experiencing writer’s block or feel a sinking suspicion that you’re repeating ideas, character archetypes, or themes. The app gives you timed prompts and provides multiple suggestions that help you generate quick new ideas, develop dialogues and characters, and come up with creative settings for your stories. So whether you’re working on an essay, screenplay, novel, or short story, shake things up and unlock your creativity using the app.

Plot Generator

This app makes the list of the best creative writing apps for students due to its multiple generators that help students with different writing projects. You can use it to develop original content for practically every genre, including poems, letters, song lyrics, memes, and opening lines. Once you choose the category, you can select options that help you customize and develop your work. The app is very detailed and useful in sparking creative ideas with substance.

The Brainstormer

The app is very well-designed and easy to use. It contains many online writing tools that students can use to generate creative ideas for their homework papers and art projects. The app has many useful features. For example, you can use the brainstormer wheel to get quick idea suggestions. Also, you can use the world builder and character builder to develop creative scenes for your writing project. What’s more, the app allows you to edit and design your own wheels of inspiration.


If you’re the kind of writer who likes to add artful and creative images to your project, Steller can help you achieve your goal efficiently. You can use the app to create poetry books, social media texts, recipes, and ebooks. It’s also easy to share your creative pieces, random thoughts, or highlights from a trip on social media. This software makes it easy to express what you need to say beautifully.

Living Writer

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, this is one of the most helpful tools you can have as a writer. It contains many tailored features that a writer may need, including file sharing and editing features, a barnstorming tool, a writer’s journal, a bibliography generator, and a notes section. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, the app has tools and resources that will improve your writing skills and help you stay organized.


One of the biggest challenges for writers is expressing creative ideas concisely and clearly. Hemingway is a free app designed to make your writing clear and bold. The app is very helpful when you’re working on a complex document. You can write directly on the app or paste your draft. The app evaluates your writing and suggests improvements to improve clarity. This app is best for beginners who need help editing their drafts.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant that writers can use to improve creativity and productivity. The app is suited for creative content creation. Some useful features you will find on the app include a keyword tool, a research tool, a brainstorming tool, and an editing tool. The is one of the contemporary creative writing apps that enables writers to create, manage, publish, and share content using cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


When you’re stuck, Oflow can help you move forward with your best ideas. The app has over 150 creative prompts and tips that will get your mind working. With the app on your iPhone, you can set daily creative reminders, bookmark your favorite ideas, and keep notes of ideas. So, the app is good when you want instant inspiration.


Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar and spell checker that helps you catch inconsistencies and mistakes in your creative writing task. The app is popular among students due to its user-friendly features and intuitive user interface. Grammarly works well for Mac, iPhone, and Android gadgets. In addition to instant grammar checks, the app has other extra features to improve your creativity, such as an integrated dictionary, plagiarism detector, and style guide.

Wrapping Up

Creative writing apps can help students streamline workflow, improve writing skills, and produce top-notch content. If you’re looking to produce creative content consistently or get inspiration that gets your creative juices flowing, try one of the apps in this post. You might just find your new favorite creative writing app.

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