How to Update the Peacock Tv app on Amazon fire stick [2024]?

Peacock TV app is an NBC Universal app owned by Comcast. The app allows its users to watch free movies and shows however, if you’re willing to unlock the entire catalog, you will need to pay to do so.

After payment, you can watch all of the episodes of the Office, Yellowstone, WWE, and the Premier League.

how to update peacock tv app amazon firestick tv

How to update the Peacock app on Amazon fire stick?

To update an already sideloaded app, you might know you don’t have to remove the existing version; instead, you will simply need to upload the new version that goes and sits right over the existing one.

Once sideloaded, launch the app again and then sign in again.

If you are facing any trouble, restart the app by going to Settings then go to My Fire TV and then press on the restart tab to incorporate the new changes.

How to download & Install the Peacock app on firestick?

Since the Peacock TV app is not available on the Amazon app store, thus, it is being advised to be sideloaded on your Amazon Firestick.

– But to do this, you’ll need to download another app called the downloader app from either the Google Play store or the apple store.

– Launch the downloader then from the pop-up click on Allow and then click on the OK button.

– To open the keyboard you need to place the cursor on the URL and click the OK button from the remote of your TV.

–  Type the and then click on the go button.

– Downloading takes some time, so click on the file to allow the download and then click on the OK tab.

– Once you have downloaded it, you simply need to delete the file to make more space for future use.

– Then after moving to your device home screen chose to view all apps and channels.

– Once you can see the Peacock app, hover the cursor over it and then click on the options button from your remote and choose to move the app to the front line.

– Once you have completed all the steps, you can soon launch the app and sign in to your account, or else you can register with the app.

Do you update an app on Amazon fire stick?

Firestick TV can be set to update any of its apps on the backend.

– Go to the Fire TV interface, and then move to the Home Menu.

– From the right of the Menu options choose the Settings option.

– Choose the Applications tab and then choose the app store.

– Now toggle on the automatic update option.

Can I get the Peacock on a fire stick?

Yes, you can get the Peacock TV app on Firestick by simply sideloading it.


It has a free trial and all of the content can be streamed for free with ads.


Amazon devices are not compatible and in-between ads are always disruptive.

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