How to check FASTag balance online in airtel, PhonPe, google pay

How to check FASTag balance online?

 To check the Fastag balance online, this is the process you need to use.

  1. Login to the Fastag option with your login details.
  2. Find the option which allows you to check the Fastag balance.
  3. You can also check your Fastag account statement to find out more about your deductions.

How to check FASTag balance in airtel app?

Fastag balance can be checked even through the Airtel app by using the below process.

how to check fastag balance online
  1. From the Airtel Payment bank website, move to NETC Fastag.
  2. Add your vehicle registration number and upload your front and back of the vehicle registration card.
  3. Now click on the Next tab from where your Fastag balance can be seen.

How to check FASTtag balance in PhonePe?

To check Fastag balance in PhonePe, link it to PhonePe and follow the below process;

  1. From the Phone Pe app, click on the check balance option.
  2. Now click on Fastag balance to find out the amount you have in your account.

How to check FASTag balance Paytm?

If you have linked your Fastag to your Paytm wallet, every time you check your PhonePe balance, you can check your Fastag balance directly from there.

How to check FASTag balance through SMS?

Link your mobile number to the Fastag account. Every time you would be notified about the costs you pay in Toll Plaza through SMS services.

How to check FASTag balance on Google pay?

Tag your Fastag account with Google Pay, and then every time you check your Google Pay balance, it would tell you about Fastag expenditures.

How to log into my FASTag account?

As an individual customer, press the retail login option from the Fastag portal Home Page.

  1. Enter your customer ID in the User ID field.
  2. Add your 14-digit wallet ID in the given field.
  3. Type in your password and then click on the Login option.


Checking your Fastag balance can give you an idea of how much you spent in a toll gate every time you cross one. You can also benefit from it in many other ways. Read the above description to find out more.

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