King Rich App Real or Fake Proof (Install App & Check Review)

King Rich app is a money-earning app that helps users earn daily by completing simple activities with your Facebook, Whatsapp, and YouTube channels.

You can earn up to Rs.200/- daily even with your unverified account.

How to earn money from King Rich App?

Simply by inviting friends and completing and performing simple activities, one can earn amply from the King Rich app. Users will simply have to ensure they are completely obeying all the instructions when trying to earn from the King Rich app. Previously we have discussed the “Make Money App” and how to earn money from it.

King Rich App Payment Proof

Usually, in the app, you can see your earnings and can also withdraw your required amount of Rs.200/- for unverified accounts daily.

But for that, you have to fill in your debiting details and thus, have to enter a valid bank account number, your name as it appears in the bank, and also some other details that are asked.

king rich app payment proof
King Rich App payment proof

How to register and start Earning Money?

  • Register with the app by filling up your phone number where you would receive a verification code that also you have to fill in.
  • Enter your password and re-enter your password to reconfirm again.
  • A barcode is automatically generated so keep that alphanumeric combination intact.
  • Next, enter the Whatsapp number for further contact, and then click on the Register button.
  • You’ll receive a pop-up in which you have to click on the Receive pop-up.
  • Further, click on the Taskbar and then you have to click on the Receive button beside the app from which you want to earn.
  • Each task would give you a hundred rupees every day with your account you can complete two tasks. So, every day you can earn Rs.200/– from the app.
kingrich app apk download
  • As soon as you click on the Receive button it will show you the “received’ option.
  • Now you would get two options to choose from- To finish and give up.
  • Click on Finish and the amount would be delivered to your account.
  • If you give up, you won’t receive the amount.
  • Again, a video will come up so you will have to like the video & then you will have to click on “Back to the app.”
  • So, then you will be able to see Rs 100 on your account.
  • You can take up VIP since it’s an upgraded option and gives you greater earning per day.
earn money king rich app vip plans
  • The basic functions of the app include data and bill payments, inviting other friends, and investment options for creating earnings from the app.
  • Now to withdraw the amount for the first time, you will have to invite 8 friends and make up a team. You can also earn money from Planoly App.
  • As the team grows your money keeps growing with it.

How to Install App?

To download follow the below steps;

– Go to the URL:

– From there click on the Android download tab.

– It might give you a pop-up stating the file can harm your device, simply click on the OK button.

– Once the application is downloaded you now need to open it and register with it.


King Rich App Real or Fake?

It is real app and earnings are for real. But you should be aware that this app is new. We should not completely trust this app. As the apps like this run away overnight.

Is King rich app safe?

Yes, using King rich app is absolutely a safe process and does not involve any risks as observed so far. But You should always be careful and don’t keep the big amount in the app.


No one can become rich from the earnings offered by this app; however, it can generate a good amount of cash for you which can be sufficient when you earn regularly for a month.

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