How to check Umoya App Sassa Srd Status & Payment [2024]?

The Umoya app allows SRD (Social Relief of Distress Grant) applicants to check their application status. It offers free services for those who cannot afford to buy data for checking and applying for their SASSA relief grants.

The app also offers a lot of other free services. Instant messaging services without spending data within supported networks is offered by the app. One can also opt for a range of useful and fun-filled services through the app.

By using the app one can also make easy voice and video calls with end-to-end encryption that are allowed apart from group chats. All these activities do not require expenditure of data at all.

How to moya app download?

Umoya App

The only time you need to use any substantial data is when downloading the app on your device. The Umoya app can be downloaded from any of the third party apk app stores.

  • The apk file can be downloaded only when the Security Settings from the Menu in the device are adjusted. Check the tab which allows downloading files from unknown sources. Once this tab is checked, downloading apps from third-party sources is possible.
  • Move to any of your favored third-party sources. 
  • From the Search tab, find out your app.
  • Now click on the download file tab.
  • Verify you’re a human by downloading and using a certain number of apps as required.
  • Post verification, downloading the file gets completed.
  • Now, simply run and install the file on your device.

How to check Umoya app Sassa srd status?

Even though you would not be spending any data, still you must have the internet while checking the SRD status.

  • From the app, move to the Discovery section and then click on the Sassa icon.
  • Migrate to the page where you can check your application status.
  • Enter your ID number and the phone number used for the Sassa grant application.
  • Click on the Submit tab to find out the approval status information.

How to Umoya App Sassa payment?

If your Sassa payment is approved, it will reflect on your approval status screen in the Umoya app.

In this case, you will see the date when you would be getting it. 

Is umoya app legit?

The Umoya app is legitimate. It gives you access to a lot of other services other than checking your Sassa payments.


The Umoya app is a data-free platform. Even though you need the internet while searching through the app, still it won’t use any, in the process. You can do a lot with the app including;

  • Chatting with your friends, 
  • syncing in your contacts, 
  • sharing files of different sorts and 
  • checking your Sassa payment

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