Share Power Earn Money App Real or Fake? (A Quick Guide)

Share Power is a party charging app and provided services to date to almost 120 music festivals, 50 big articles, and 30+ e-sport games. In this article we will discuss complete details about the app like its launch date, founder, owner, App is Real or fake, and others. So read the article carefully to know everything about the Share power app.

What is Share power app?

The app has shown a user satisfaction rate of 98% as per a third-party survey done. It has clients in more than 1600+ cities all around the world as of now. This is what it describes in the description of the Play store. But it looked a little suspicious to us. So we researched more about it. The information we got is shocking.

Share power app

Launch Date in India?

The launch date of the Share Power app in India is in between March and April. But the app claims they have been working from the past many years which is absolutely fake.

Founder/Owner Details? 

There are no specific details on the net about the Share power app owner or founder. The owner details are hidden because of some reason.

How to Download Share Power app?

Share Power app is present in Google Playstore.

– Go to Google Playstore and type in the Share Power app’s name.

– Once you can see the app, download it and let it get automatically installed on your device.

But Check the complete information about the app before downloading it.

How to EARN MONEY Share Power App?

To earn money from this app, you will need to invest some money in it.

Once you log in to the app with your email address, you can start by investing in the app. You need to Fill in your card details and also the necessary transaction details.

– Once done, you will get a power bank for a certain number of days and then you can get the return amount of it on a daily or hourly basis.

So, if you are taking a Power bank which costs Rs.1370/- you’ll get a return of almost 100-150 from it.

– Additionally, it has a lucky draw option where you can swingle the wheel four times. This way also you can earn some cash. 

– Plus, you can also refer the app to your friends and earn from it too. All you have to do is send the Share power app invitation code and earn from the reference after your friend joins it.

Note:- The app has launched recently and also the users are claiming that they are unable to withdraw their earned amount. So invest accordingly.

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Share Power App Fake or Real?

Share Power app facilitates your earning from apps but here you cannot earn without investing in the app. Also, the people who have invested to date are facing withdrawal issues. So, it’s better to stay away from these kinds of apps.

Also The app has launched recently and the apps like this run away overnight. Their official website is also not well organized. This makes it more suspicious.

Share power app latest news involves the introduction of more and more daily tasks into the app.

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