Does GameStop take apple pay at Stores (Complete Guide)?

Are you a big fan of the gaming world? If yes, then you probably heard about GameStop. Also, it is considered a fortune 500 company that has become one of the most popular selling video games and gaming consoles.

So, the question commonly arises whether GameStop accepts Apple pay or not. Gamestop takes the apple pay payment method at all its stores in the US. You can purchase easily with one of the well-known methods if you use apple devices.

To gain more information on using Apple pay at Gamestop, you must read the article completely.

Does GameStop take apple pay online?

GameStop take apple pay

Yes, you can easily use Apple Pay to make payments at GameStop online without visiting the store. For this, you have to use your iPhone and then the Apple Pay application on GameStop.

In short terms, GameStop is an online platform where you can easily store Apple Pay at its stores or even online by following the easy steps.

If you need help with how to use Apple pay at GameStop online, here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Install the application apple pay on your device
  • Choose your account
  • Select your credit or debit cards
  • Choose or touch apple pay on the screen
  • Select whether the billing, contact details, and address for shipping are correct
  • Use your touch ID, face ID, or passcode to confirm the item that you want to purchase.

Does GameStop stores accept apple pay?

Yes, GameStop takes apple pay in all its stores. Apple wallet and apple pay are accepted payment methods at GameStop, which means you can effortlessly make your purchases faster across the 4200 different locations of GameStop.

They realized all the mobile payment benefits, and apple pay is considered the most famous and best option available in the market. And this is a fact that you should not be surprised by since there are around 115 million apple users in the US.

When you consider the security and privacy principles of apple pay, many stores have come to notice that they accept the payment method, like GameStop. This is why people who have the iPhone 6, including Apple Watch or Iphones, can easily enjoy contactless payments at GameStop shops.

Considered effortless to use and set up, apple pay has rapidly become one of the most common payment methods. The best thing is that customers can easily enjoy the credit or debit card benefits using the apple watch or iPhone.

How to use Apple pay on the GameStop app?

You have to make the payment via Apple Pay on GameStop online. For this, you have first to download apple pay on your devices. Then to use the visa credit or debit cards for contactless payments at Game stop, you have to choose your account.

In order to use the payment security, you have to follow the step-by-step approach of using Apple Pay or GameStop.

  • By clicking on the apple pay button or choosing from the list, you can easily pay with the help of apple pay.
  • Check your shipping, billing, and information of contact before proceeding to payments.
  • Then, you have to use your touch ID, Face ID, and password to confirm the online purchases.

Gamestop payment methods

Along with apple pay, there are other payment methods allowed for customers to use on GameStop. However, GameStop accepts various payment options, and you have to do one thing before making online payments; you can also use credit or debit cards for online products.

  • Gift card exchange used at Gamestop in other payment forms

Gamestop is a type of webpage where you can easily trade gift cards. The online exchange technology of GameStop serves as the substitute for cash at all stores, which are developed initially as a card pool.

Users, in exchange for GameStop, can choose a gift card in-store instead and have to move further to load into the GameStop gift cards. The gift cards at GameStop have no expiration date and are hence non, refundable. It is available in different designs.

If you want to use something other than GameStop gift cards, you can redeem them easily at the available locations of GameStop online or all over the world.


Gamestop has incorporated a big list of market payment methods that accept Apple pay. Using an apple cash card or mobile wallet app at GameStop is easy to pay for your purchases.

Additionally, GameStop also provides gift cards to their customers. However, according to your ease, it is easy to obtain and use nationwide.

Does GameStop take google pay?

No, you cannot use Google pay at GameStop. It is because Google pay needs to be listed in the category of accepted payment methods at GameStop.

Does GameStop take afterpay?

No, Gamestop does not take afterpay. Even though the afterpay is fully integrated with the online product, Gamestop does not take afterpay.

Does GameStop accept mobile pay?

Yes, GameStop accepts mobile pay. Customers can easily use mobile payments to make payments at more than the 4200 US locations of video game stores.

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