How to Resubmit banking details to SASSA SRD R350 Online?

How to submit banking details to SASSA?

Applicants whose applications have been submitted would receive an SMS with an activation link. 

  • When you click the link you can update the bank account details in there.  
  • As soon as possible respond to the SMS and remember you are not allowed to share the link with anyone else, not even your family. The bank account and the registered mobile number must be in your name if you wish to apply for the SRD 350 SASSA benefit.
  • Follow the instructions and update your bank account information.
  • This will be saved under your name for all future transactions.
How to submit or update banking details to sassa srd r350 online

How to update/Resubmit SRD R350 Banking details online?

To update/resubmit the banking details to SASSA, here is the process you must follow.

  • Visit the SRD SASSA site.
  • Quickly jump to the section that offers to change the banking details.
  • Use the application ID number and then click on the Submit tab.
  • You would receive a unique link on your mobile number. 
  • Click to add your new banking information like your bank name, account number, and other details. Then click on the Submit tab to change bank details.
  • You must also complete the SASSA Annexure C bank form simultaneously with your bank to enable receiving the grant.

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Can I update SASSA banking details through Moya App?

Yes, you can update or submit the SASSA banking details using the Moya app. Once you have registered an account with the Moya app, you can request a link via it. As soon as you have the link on your mobile, use it to update the SASSA banking details.

Can I submit other’s Banking details to SASSA?

The bank account number and the mobile number must be registered in the name of the individual applying for the SRD benefit. Submitting others’ bank details for retrieving your SRD benefit is not possible. Before any transaction is made, the mobile number and the bank account number are thoroughly checked. 

What to do if I don’t have my Bank Account?

Those who do not have a bank account can also receive SRD grants through electronic vouchers via the post office. It could also be in the form of food vouchers. But these SRD grant processes would have a delay or lag time.

Can i send banking details to SASSA directly?

Yes, by uploading the banking details directly in the SASSA web portal you will be reaching out to SASSA directly.


Here’s how you can submit, update and change your bank details for SASSA applications. The article also specifies ways in which you can get your money if you don’t possess a bank account. 

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