How to use TDSB-Health Screening App? (Complete Guide)

Amidst the pandemic, TDSB has brought to you the most amazing health screening or regulating app. The app helps to monitor and regulate the health conditions at any time. It is very easy to install the mobile app. One can easily install it and then enter into the TDSB campus undergoing a proper health-screening procedure.


Within the app, click on at- Home Screening. There is a catalog and in which various health-related questions are asked and one has to fill out the queries.

TDSB health screening app for students

Based on those answers, one will receive entry granted or entry denied message. If the entry is permitted one will get a QR Code which will be shown at the entry point of the school or administration site.

If the QR Code is not accessed, a staff member on-site will look into the access code using the person’s first and last name.

And if someone is denied entry message will be shown in which it will be stated that the person is not permitted to enter a TDSB site. In that case, the supervisor or principal must be contacted immediately and the person must stay at home, and diagnosed by a medical professional.

Every day before leaving home active health screening must be done by the app or paper pass. The Health Screening information will be verified at the entrance by staff or a member of the administration site.

So this is an App for keeping the health of us and others safe and secured.

HOW TO USE Health Screening app for students/Teachers/Empl0yers

health screening for teachers employers

1. After the opening of the NOW Mobile App, type TDSB in the top field and login with the ‘TDSB mail address’ and ‘password’.

2. One can also login using the student or staff account and password.

3. In case, the student account information is not known to someone, one can contact IT Services Support.

4. Parents/Guardians can also login to the Health Screening App with the help of their child’s TDSB account information.

5. If the guardian is not aware of the child’s student account information or can’t access it, they are free to use the Health Screening Paper Pass.

How to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the app

NOW Mobile App is available both on Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iPhones or iPads. Download the latest version of the app and place it on the device at your convenience. The downloading of this app is pretty much easy and the user has to click on the icon to launch it.

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