Hamdam Dating App- Most Popular Iranian dating application

What is Hamdam app Iran?

Iran is promoting marriages now through the help of a dating app called the Hamdam app. The app is launched by a cultural body, the Tebyan Cultural Institute, part of Iran’s Islamic Propaganda Organization, affiliated with the government of Iran. They want to promote lasting and informed marriages in their community through the app.

The app is called Hamdam, a Persian word for companion and the Iranian dating app allows searching and selecting of life partners. According to Colonel Ali Mohammed Rajabi, the current police chief of Iran’s cyberspace says this is the only government-backed app.

The Iranian dating app is claimed to be using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to find the right match for people looking for a spouse and a settled, permanent marriage.

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How to Hamdam app download?

Hamdam app can be downloaded most easily on Android devices through the Google Playstore.

Similarly, it can be downloaded on Apple or iOS devices through the Apple appstore without jailbreaking and rooting.

The apk files can also be downloaded and the same can be used but then they can often be unsafe. When there is a safe option available, it is best to stick to those like the Google Playstore and Apple appstore.


With the Hamdam app, one can easily do the following:

– The app helps Iranian women know more about their reproductive and legal rights.

– With Hamdam, women can monitor their sexual health.

– They can track their periods and ovulation using the app and the app uses the Persian Jalali calendar for counting the days.

– It allows the women to learn more about health, disease, self-breast examination abilities, and so on.

– The legal section of Hamdam deals with the legal rights of women in marriage, divorce, employment, education, and asset division.

– The Iranian law does not treat a woman as equal to men and is designed to easily navigate through the system.

Is Iranian dating app safe?

The app is the safest in Iran and is regularly monitored for anomalies and malware. It is safe to use and as Iran eyes to improve civil rights and liberties, it is thus, the best dating app which is safe and secure. It protects the rights of women and allows blocking and other such restrictive actions.

Most popular dating app in Iran

The most popular dating app in Iran right now is the Hamdam app. Within five months since its launch, there are almost 1,30,000 users and almost 6,50,000 views so far.

Google Play rates the app at 4.4+ for its efficiency and its popularity.

Free dating sites in Iran?

 There are a lot of free dating sites in Iran like the IranMingle2.com, Tehran free dating site, Iran dating site, and so on apart from the Hamdam app.

The Hamdam app is quoted to be the most popular dating and marriage app in Iran.


Can you date in Iran?

Yes, you can date in Iran but they have laws which you have to abide by.

How can I meet girls in Iran?

Apart from meeting girls normally, you can also meet them on dating sites in Iran.

Is Tinder banned in Iran?

Tinder alongside all entertainment apps is banned in Iran.

Does Iran have Tinder?

No, Iran does not have Tinder.

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