Best Free Pulse Oximeter App For Android, iOS, iPhone [2024]

Best Free Pulse Oximeter App iPhone, Android:- The application allows its users to check the heart rate as well as the oxygen level in their blood accurately in any place and in no time- you can measure them whenever you feel like, whether your office or at your home, when you relax, before or after an important meeting, or even when you wake up.

The Pulse Oximeter reading will be precisely accurate.

The application will work on iPhone (for which the cases need to be removed) and not on iPad or iPod. 

Oximeter App for Android phone:

App NamePulse Oximeter
Size3 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
Ratings4.6 stars
Best free pulse oximeter app

The application will work accurately on the following Android devices- Galaxy S6/7/8/9/10, Note 5/6/78/9 those that are high-end Samsung devices. 

The Pulse Oximeter Range will only work with the SPO2 and the heart rate.

As soon as you will download this application in your device, it will accurately measure the SPO2 and heart rate with the aid of the built-in sensor of your device. The blood SPO2 will be calculated with the help of advanced algorithm from the raw IR. The output will be given by the device sensor through Red Light.


  • It will give fast results with accurate measurement
  • You can save the results and access them later on
  • An actual pulse graph will be provided
  • It will give you automatic reminders to measure your heartbeat and or the oxygen level, regularly
  • The SPO2 measuring range varies from 70-100% and the heartbeat measuring range is 30-190 BPM

You can only take three measurements a day with the free version. In order to get advanced features and unlimited measurements, you will require to download the paid version. 

How to use Pulse Oximeter App?

How does oximeter work? This application makes the use of your iPhone’s camera in order to detect the oxygen levels and the pulse rate. All you need to do is place your index finger’s tip on the camera of your iPhone. The results will be shown within a couple of seconds (pulse and oxygen levels). The results will be displayed along with the graph with all the historical measurements.


How accurate is Pulse Oximeter App?

This application measures the saturation of oxygen level with a precision of 90-100 percent. This is as accurate as 0-4 RSM as compared to an Oximeter of the medical grade.

What are the two numbers on an Oximeter App?

This application generally measures two different things. At first, it shows the pulse rate. This rate is usually marked by a heart sign that is smaller in size. The second number that is shown is usually the blood oxygen level. The present levels are assessed by both these numbers.

What are the normal readings on a Pulse Oximeter?

The normal arterial oxygen varies around the mark of 75-100 mmHg. If the value toils under this range then this will indicate the requirement of supplemental oxygen. The normal reading for Pulse Oximeter varies around the range of 95-100. A value below the range of 90 is considered low.


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