How to use Shibaswap App? (Buy shibu inu Coin)

What is Shibaswap app?

Cryptocurrency exchange portal that is gaining a lot of attention and curious on-lookers is the Shibaswap. If you want to know how to download shibaswap app? How to use shibaswap and what is the app release date then this post is for you.

Investors are now eyeing the Shibaswap application and the portal allows people to trade between Shiba Inu and other crypto coins.

There are more than 300,000 investors currently running the show of the Shibaswap. Even after pumping a drop of 50%, the SHIB token is still more than 1,200,000% which is considered huge in the market.

Shibaswap app Release Date, How to buy shibu inu coin, official website

Shibaswap app release date/launch date?

The launch date of the Shibaswap app is fixed to have been on 06th July 2021.

How to shibaswap app Download?

  • Open google play store if you are using android & apple app store if using iOS device.
  • Now in the search bar type Shibaswap app.
  • Click on the app icon and hit the ‘install’ button on android and ‘GET’ Button on iOS devices.
  • This will take few minutes to download the shibaswap app on your android or iOS device.

How to use Shibaswap app?

The Shibaswap app has not given any formal guidance to its users for using the application.

However, people are estimating the working of the app would be similar to other similar apps. Shibaswap has incorporated three types of coins- Shib, Leash, and Bone. 

– The first step towards using the Shibaswap app would be to create a wallet.

– Create a meta mask wallet and using it you will be able to exchange Shiba coins.

– Once the wallet is created you can transfer your ethereum into the Metamask wallet.

– Once all your ethereum coins are transferred to your wallet, you can then exchange them for the Shib coins.

– There would also be several other functions that can be regulated by the use of the wallet like dig, fetch, bury, swap, woof, bonefolio, and so many more.

This is how you can use shibaswap app.

How to buy a Shiba Inu coin?

The simplest way to purchase Shiba Inu coin is to purchase ethereum and then to convert it into Shib.

You will need a coin base account and a trusted wallet for accessing Uniswap. 

– Sign in to your coin base account and from the far left panel click on the trade tab.

– From the list of tradable assets, you will have to click on ethereum.

– Type in the amount you’d like to invest in Shib.

– As usual, there will be a requirement to pay an Ethereum network fee.

– Preview it before buying it and before clicking the Buy now tab.

– In the trust wallet, type Shiba in the search bar and then toggle the switch beside Shiba Inu.

– Now receive Ethereum by tapping on the receive button.

– Press on the Send/Receive tab and cross-check if ethereum is selected in the pay with section. Now paste the address of the trust wallet in the “To” section.

– Once the transaction is completed you will receive a message of the transaction being complete and the ETH will appear in your wallet within ten minutes.

– Now try to find out the Shib token from the search bar and click on the Import button.

– If you click on the Max tab, it will put all the Eth into your wallet.

– Choose swap followed by confirming swap. Wait until the transaction shows up in your account.

Shiba swap official website?

The Shiba official website link is here.

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