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How many times have you bought products online? It may be your shoes, a purse, a cell phone, or maybe some kitchen grocery, everything is available in online stores.

But are those products of good quality? Is the company legitimate? Is the guarantee on the product valid?

These may sound too repeated but can cause you serious troubles if ignored. MLM is a very common word.

Safeshopindia is a member of the same family. It is an MLM company selling hundreds of products.

What is Safeshopindia?

Safe shop India is a network marketing company in India. It started around 20 years ago, that is the 14th of December, 2000. Tarun Jangid is the business owner of safeshopIndia.

The full name that people rarely know is Safe and Secure online marketing private limited.

Like any MLM Company, safe shop asks to join more people with you and sell the company’s products.

It works in six major fields…

  • Health and beauty
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Home lifestyle
  • Unisex Garments.

Their main product is clothing. They claim to have a partnership with 50 + companies. Also, it is registered under the Company Act, 1956.

safe shop india app

How to download Safeshopindia?

  • This app is compatible with Android 4.4 and up.
  • You can download the Safeshopindia app on your phone through Google Play Store.
  • Install it just like you do in other apps.

Safeshopindia Contact Number

+91 706 5599 214 is the number they have given on their website. To know about the grievance cell and all you can go to the website directly. There are multiples of contact details and email addresses to sort out different problems.

A – 3/24, Janakpuri, Delhi – 110058 (Near Chanan Devi Hospital) is the registered address.

Safeshopindia login

Creating a new ID is easy. Follow these steps…

  1. Open Safeshopindia’s official website through the browser.
  2. To open the login page, click the icon present on the bottom right of the website and click on login.
  3. Enter your Safe Shop account details like ID and password.
  4. If you are unable to recall your password, click on forget your password.
  5. By now you have successfully logged in to your account.

Safeshopindia Registration

You can’t register your account yourself but your upline does this for you. If you want to register someone’s account then you are acting as an upline.

Here’s a quick process to do that…

  • Open your account and log in by following the steps above.
  • When you are done, you can see the New Direct Seller Sign Up link.
  • Click on the link.
  • Now your network is visible on the screen. Click on the position you want to add the new ID. Only the position which shows ‘Empty’ allows you to add a new person.
  • Check Parent ID and Refer ID and click Confirm.

Parent ID is the ID under which you are going to create a new one whereas Refer ID means the one who is adding.

Now a form appears in which you will have to fill up the necessary details of the new person. Recheck the details you have entered and confirm. Click on Submit.

Remember, you may need to have a PAN number and Aadhar card to fill the form.

Is Safe Shop India Fake?

No, it is not fake. You will get what they will tell you. And also there are no fraud reports of the company till date. People are earning money from it. Apart from this, it is up to you how you see this company. You can compare their products with others. If it looks costlier to you than other same brands then don’t buy it.

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Safe Shop India Reviews

The reviews are both positive and negative. The one who had a bad experience with the company gives a negative review and the one who is still working with the company gives positive reviews.

safeshopindia reviews

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