How to Use & register POSB Digibank App Singapore [2024]?

POSB Digi Bank is mobile banking in Singapore and is making banking possible for all. POSB keeps you updated with all the banking requirements. With POSB you can get personalized notifications, make easy transactions, keep stuff updated, analyze, and properly viewing of money management in a better way.

To keep your money safe, all you need to do is download the app and open an account without wasting time visiting any branch or local bank networks. Digi Bank helps you move between Digi bank and PayLah. You don’t even need to log in every time or every day and it offers a single log-in facility.

The app is cleverly designed and is crafted with smart shortcuts that focus on the most-used features in mind.

How to use POSB Digi bank app Singapore?

POSB Digibank App Singapore

For using it one needs to download the POSB Digi bank apk and then register with the bank to proceed using the POSB Digi bank app. Things one needs to keep in mind when using the POSB Digi bank app.

  • You can either register as an existing customer or you can create a new bank account.
  • One needs to set up a digital token that is easy to create and can be set up with a one-time set-up for the digital pattern.
  • You can switch the app to travel mode and simply forget about traveling stress and tension.
  • The mobile wallet app is easy to set up and manage and is easier to use.
  • Secure your money sending and receiving with the app and secure it on your phone.
  • All you got to need is the recipient’s mobile number and there is no requirement of any account details.
  • Split the bill within friends and you can be free from handling loose changes.
  • Use the DBS points and POSB daily dollar scheme for your savings.
  • Note your expenses by breaking them down and activate your card whenever you need to.

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How do I register for Digi bank POSB?

Click to get started on the Digi bank online services and for POSB Digi bank how to register to start this way.

  • Insert your birth date and identity number. For POSB mobile banking registration, enter the card details.
  • Choose the option to authenticate your details.
  • Enter the User ID and PIN along with contact details.
  • Verify your details and then click to proceed to online banking.

How do I download POSB Digi bank?

To download the POSB Digi bank you’ll have to visit the Google Play Store or Apple app store to download the POSB Digi bank apk.

  • Go to the Search tab and type the name of the app.
  • Further, download the app and install it on your device.

POSB Digi bank app not working Solution

In case there is a POSB Digi bank app crash, contact the POSB customer service and it works very well for customers, if your POSB Digi bank app downloaded is not working very well, try to call them up for support and they will help you in every possible way.

POSB Mobile Banking Singapore review

Reviews are good for the app and it is a mobile banking site from which users are benefitting greatly. The app is cleverly designed to make an app using easy for customers. Users reviewing the app are taking good about the user interface and the friendliness of using the app.


Is POSB Digi bank the same as DBS Digi bank?

POSB Digi bank and DBS Digi bank share the same platform for banking and to fulfill all the banking needs you simply need to use this platform.

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