How to Reverse Cash send on Capitec app (A Quick Guide)?

The Capitec app wishes to make life easy for its customers. Once downloaded you can use the app to create pay bills and payments, buy airtimes, send and receive money, account statement issuance through email stamps and also check balances anytime anywhere.

How to reverse cash send on the Capitec app

How to reverse money send on Capitec app?

To reverse money or cash using capitec app follow this guide…

The cash reversal option is not available with this app currently and to reverse a transfer you either will have to visit your nearest branch or you will have to call the Capitec Customer Care centre number 0860 123 000.

After visiting the nearest branch or calling them up users can easily lodge a transfer reversal request with them and the reversal will take 45 days from the date the reversal request has been generated.

This is the only way to reverse money you sent via capitec.

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How to transfer money on Capitec app?

To send money via Capitec mobile application, follow the below procedure.

– Click on the Transact tab and then tap the Send Cash button.

– Click to enter your remote PIN and select the account from which you would want to transfer the money.

– Enter the cash amount you want to transfer to some other account.

– Next, create a secret PIN that you have to give the person you want to transfer your fund.

– Click on the Next tab and then check the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

– Tap the Yes button to confirm the transfer.

– You will get an SMS with a reference number issued by Capitec.

– Send the reference number and the secret code to the person to whom you are sending money in two separate messages.

How to reverse money on Capitec without the app?

There is no facility to reverse the transferred money in the app, but it can be done by either calling the call centre or visiting your nearest branch within 45 days.

How to deposit money on Capitec app?

To deposit money you could either visit the nearest branch or do it online through your app which is vividly described above. 

– Go to the money transfer section.

– Put in details of the account to which you want your money to be transferred.

– Input the details and click on the deposit button.

You can anytime deposit money to your Capitec account by adding the Capitec account number if you are planning to transfer your money to your Capitec account. Add the branch name, and also the IFSC code.

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How to check the balance on Capitec App?

You can instantly check the balance on your Capitec application.

– First, add your username and password.

– Open your account and then click on the account number.

– Your available balance would be displayed in no time.

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