How to activate New Capitec Bank App without going to bank?

The Capitec App is the remote banking smartphone application of one of the most reputed financial institutions of South Africa called the Capitec Bank Limited.

The App facilitates its customers with easy banking options from anywhere and at any time. It allows people to do business banking swiftly. The app is available for free and users can authenticate their biometrics for enhancing the app’s security.

New Capitec Bank App Download | How to Use & Activate Capitec app?

How to use Capitec Bank App?

First of all, you can go to the nearest Capitec bank Branch and pen an account. 

Then, you can verify the phone number and email address. Further, you can download and use the app.

Here is an elaborated list of what you can do with the Capitec Bank App:

  • Open a new bank account by submitting scanned IDs and selfies online.
  • Reset the remote app PIN.
  • Invest in shares and mutual funds.
  • Email e-statements.
  • Pay utility bills, buy prepaid electricity, airtime, data, and SMA bundles.
  • Do SARS e-filing.
  • Block stolen or lost cards.
  • Transact money.
  • Manage credit and debit cards.
  • Make immediate payments at other bank accounts.
  • Track expenditures.
  • Activate virtual cards.
  • Manage contactless card transactions.
  • Personalize the home screen.

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How to new Capitec App download free?

For Capitec app download install for Android, you can go to Google Play or Apple App Store.

You can also download the app from the SMS link after opening the account in the Capitec App first time.

How to get Capitec App on a new phone?

You can follow the above steps or use the Capitec new app download for installing the app on the new phone.

The process will be the same for new or old phones. But on a new phone, you may require to activate the app. For the activation process, you can follow the below-given guide.

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How to Activate Capitec App on new phone?

  • When you open an account in the nearest branch of the Capitec Bank, you will receive an SMS to download the app.
  • This will only happen after you have verified your phone number at the bank.
  • Then, you can click on the link given in the SMS to install the app on your smartphone.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will need to open the app and enter the username provided by the bank to you and also the remote banking PIN that you chose at the bank branch.
  • With this, the app will get activated and then you can use it to do a myriad of activities from your home, office, or vacation spot.

How to activate Capitec App without going to the bank?

If you have verified your email ID in your Capitec banking profile, then you can simply download the app on your new phone or re-install it on your existing smartphone.

You can then follow the prompts and activate it without any hassles and without going to the bank.

How to change the Capitec Banking App pin?

You can go to the app and log into it. Then, go to the profile section of the app and change the PIN. You will need to enter a new PIN and re-confirm it.

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