How to change Audio Language in PLAYit app or Play Videos?

A power-packed Video player tool that can help you watch videos and listen to music. The PLAYit app is functional on Windows smartphones, Android, iOS devices, PCs, and even Google Play.

Almost close to 100 million people have downloaded the app. It has also received almost 10 million likes. The Playstore ranks it at 4.6+ out of 5. The Playit is the best music and video player in India. It helps to watch video clips from local sites, song videos, and IPL games.

how to PLAYit App Download for Android

Downloading and also watching movies is possible with the app easily. Transfer of music and videos without much data burning and with the face-to-face transfer feature works best with the app. The app also offers many other useful features like online subtitles and video-to-audio converters easily.

How to Install PLAYit app on android?

Go to the Google Playstore and then search for the Playit app. Click to install the app and wait till the installation gets over.

You can also download the apk from any website.

To download the apk file on your Android device, you must adjust your Menu>Settings>Security>toggle the switch which allows the option to download apks from unknown sources.

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How to change audio language in PLAYit app?

Changing the audio language is possible from the Android device audio settings by changing a few settings in this way;

  • Move to the Android device settings.
  • From the options available click on System Language and Input. 
  • Click to add a language option from the list topThis last step will change the preferred language of the app.

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How to play videos without the PLAYit app?

Create an account with the app no sooner than you have downloaded it. Utilize the Quick search button and the Play options to find your shows and series.

APP Features

Playit app is one of the best of its kind. It is purely Indian and is one of the most used apps in the country.

  • You can automatically manage files with the app. There is nothing that you have to do from your end. The app auto-manages it in short.
  • It goes through all video formats and supports them all (4k, 1080k, FLV, MKV, and many more forms).
  • Smart gesture controls help alter the brightness, playback speed, and volume.
  • Searching for videos online is easy.

Is PLAYit app safe?

The app is genuine and you can’t be hacked through videos uploaded to the site. It is a safe and wonderful app.

Is PLAYit Chinese app?

Playit does not originate in China but instead in India and is not a Chinese app.

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