Hill Harper Official Black Wall Street App: Digital Wallet App

Are you inquisitive to know, “what is Black Wall Street now?” After the massacre of 31st May and 01st June 1921, they have rebuilt it and now it looks different from older, burning times. 

What is the official Black Wall Street app?

official Black Wall Street app

Apps with names dedicated to this event in history are being built to strengthen the economic abilities of the Black community. The official Black Wall Street app is brought out to reduce the inequalities of the economic world through the process of cooperative economics for the Afro-Americans in the world of entrepreneurship.

There are almost 5000 Black-owned businesses listed by the app and the listings are obtained from 10 different countries from around the world. 

The app promises wider exposure and growth for businesses listed on this platform.

Consumers on the other hand can search for businesses, put forth reviews, and also patronize businesses established by the Black community.

How to USE the Black Wall Street App?

To use the app, you need to first download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple app store.

Next, you need to create a profile for yourself.

· Confirm your phone and mail before logging in with your credentials.

· From the search bar, you can filter your preferences.

· Additionally, you can use the map to view all Black businesses in your local neighborhood.

· Once you’ve decided to buy a certain product from a certain business you can read their reviews before purchasing from them.

How to download and Install the Black Wall Street App?

You can simply download and install the app from either the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Digital wallet app is also available on both the android & iOS app stores.

App Features

The Black Wall Street app by Hill Harper is different from the official Black Wall Street app designed by Mandy Bowman. The app is creating a growing directory of stores and services.

The app has several wonderful features.

– The app offers real-time reviews from other customers for businesses listed in the app.

– You can bookmark your favorite businesses and know whenever they run a discount offer.

– You can set an alert that would inform you, each time a Black business is in the vicinity.

– Search the businesses yourself by using the “nearby tab” to know what’s around you.

– You can search for both real and also online businesses through this app.

App Review

The app is rated as 4.1 in the Apple app store and is rated 4.0 in the Google Play Store.

 The app is reviewed for its platform usability, features, even for the added reviews, and for every other parameter. Most of the users have expressed satisfaction using it.

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