How to Earn MONEY Notesgen App (Complete Guide)?

Notesgen app is the largest platform to upload notes which can be handwritten or typed notes. It is for teachers, students, and professionals who are planning to EARN Money by sharing their notes with students around the world.

It is a peer-to-peer learning platform and where students can search for their requirements from the notes uploaded to the site.

notesgen app earn money


The primary features of the Notesgen app includes,

  • Asking your peers about a specific note is possible which you want to download.
  • Talk to the sellers before purchasing the note.
  • Audio or video call a group to solve doubts through interaction.
  • You can create a study group if you wish to study together.

How to earn money from Notesgen app?

With Notesgen app earn money in the following way;

  • You can upload your notes that are absolutely safe with Notesgen.
  • No one can download the notes unless they pay for it.
  • They can simply view it and once they decide to pay for it, you get your quoted amount which is transferred to the student’s account.

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How to USE & EARN MONEY Notesgen app?

After downloading the Notesgen app on your device, you can use it in the following way.

  • Register with the app and create a username and password.
  • Once you are into the portal, near your name on the upper right corner, after the cart you can find an upload button.
  • By clicking on the upload button, you can open a screen space where you can enter the name of the document you wish to upload.
  • You can quote the price of your document.
  • Further you will have to upload the document in the upload document section.
  • Choose the document description to tell people more about how they would benefit using the note, document type, extension type, input device.
  • Quote the price you want to be paid for using the note.
  • Choose the category of the note.
  • Add hashtags for proper visibility.
  • Check the box, that shows you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Finally click on the Submit button.

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Install & Download on Android & iOS

For Installing Notesgen app free in Android you have to follow the below steps.

  • Go to Google Playstore.
  • Type in “Notesgen” in the search bar.
  • Click on the Install tab and wait for the download to happen.

For Downloading Notesgen app free in iOS you have to follow the below instructions.

  • Go to Apple appstore.
  • Search for the “Notesgen” from the Search bar.
  • Click on the Get tab and get your app in no time.


Reviews for the app are great and is available in the site as well as in Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

Additionally, in case you have any queries you can always contact the team directly.

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