How to Install & Use Hallway chat App? (A Quick Guide)

Are you bored of working from home? Do you feel isolated and miss all the team fun? During the pandemic, remote working for extended periods of time has led to the creation of apps like Hallway chat.

Hallway chat can be directly added to Slack and also be requested for Microsoft teams. With Slack, Hallway chat is completely free.

what is hallway chat app

What is Hallway App?

The hallway was founded by Parthi Loganathan and Kunal Jasty. It was created in just four days from the inception of the idea to having the first user.

The Hallway chat platform has been used by 900+ teams at big corporations like IBM, Nextdoor, Salesforce, Coursera, etc. Hallway has even featured on TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal. Hallway has made remote work fun by facilitating 14 conversations per 100 employees everyday.

Features of Hallway chat app

Hallway offers the following features:

how to use and download hallway app
  • Facilitates one-to-one breaks or group conversations.
  • Offers customization options like setting frequency, scheduling time, timezone, and working hours for breaks of individual Slack channels.
  • Helps generate weekly analytic reports.
  • An interesting feature of Hallway is the Roulette style one-to-one private breaks where members of one slack channel are randomly paired.

How to install the Hallway chat app?

It is quite easy to add a Hallway chat app. You can follow the below steps:

  • You have to visit the homepage of the Hallway chat platform by going to the official website of Hallway chat.
  • Then, click the “Add to Slack for free” icon on the Hallway chat homepage.
  • After this, you need to head to Slack and give permission to let Hallway be added to Slack.
  • Alternatively, the users can also add Hallway from the Slack app directory.

How to USE Hallway?

There is no front-end for Hallway. Everything is user-ended in Slack. This includes the login process, the onboarding experience, and the settings user interface. The Hallway app makes the bot create break rooms automatically.

Once the onboarding instructions are sent within Slack over direct message, then you can invite the Hallway bot to Slack channels.

This is possible by typing “/invite@hallway” in a channel. This automatically adds the channel. Further, it can be turned on by writing “/hallway on.” Finally, to configure the app, you can type, “/hallway.”

Hallway Pricing

Hallway chat is a free service when used for just two slack channels. When using the free service, only up to ten timed video chats are available. For scaled usage, the service needs to be upgraded. Hallway offers two types of pricing options.

The Team pricing plan is available for $30 per month. It offers timed recurring video breaks in addition to providing extended chats. A seven-day free trial period is also available. It also offers unlimited video chat rooms directly from Hallway or via Zoom and Google Meet link.

Besides this, it also allows chat scheduling, setting working hours, and generating weekly analytics reports. For adding extra channel members, $2 per month has to be expended.

For customized services, the customers need to contact them for the final pricing.

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