How to load Steam Wallet using Gcash (Complete Guide 2024)?

Have you ever used gcash? Do you want to use a steam wallet by gcash? Steam is a leading platform that provides entertainment from the best video games. Whether you are interested in RPG games, open-world survival games, or sports games, you will enjoy them on Steam.

With an online steam account, you can easily access several video games and enjoy leisure time. The best thing is that you can get great discounts and deals with popular video games on Steam. If you want to buy the game online from Steam, you must carry the money in your steam wallet.

Now the question is, what is a steam wallet? The steam wallet is a digital wallet that is easy to use to buy games through Steam. You can add the funds to your steam wallet using a Gcash account. Read the article to learn how to put money in your steam wallet with the help of gcash.

How to put money in a steam wallet using cash?

load steam wallet using gcash

It is easy to add money to your steam wallet by using gcash. You can easily add the money to your steam wallet through the gcash app, gcash, or the online steam store. The best way to add money to the steam wallet is through the gcash app.

Simply, you can top up your steam wallet before redeeming in your steam account. You will charge 20% by using this method to add the money to your steam wallet. For instance, if you add 100 credits to your steam wallet, you must pay $20. But if you add the money to your steam wallet using gcash, it consists of only 50 credits.

How to put money in a steam wallet using gcash? The answer is based on preferences. Use the gcash app to stabilize the steam wallet for ease and convenience. Remember that you must pay the additional fee to add the money to your steam wallet using gcash.

How to add a steam wallet using gcash?

Here is the step-by-step process of adding the steam wallet using Gcash.

  1. Open the Gcash application on your device. Then, click on ” view all” on the home screen.
  2. Click on the payment section and then choose game credits.
  3.  Click on next if you want to use Steam for yourself, but if you are using Steam for yourself, enter the contact details of the person to whom you want to send the steam wallet game.
  4.  Move to the steam tab, choose the steam wallet amount, and code you are willing to buy. Click on next
  5.  Cross-check all the payment details and tap on the pay button
  6. If you successfully buy it, you will get an SMS notification that consists of the steam wallet code
  7. Now go to the redemption page of the steam wallet code and fill in the code. After filling in the code, tap on the continue button
  8. Check your steam wallet to see whether the amount is a credit.

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How to buy a steam wallet using gcash 2024?

If you want to buy a steam wallet using gcash, you must first direct to the steam website, choose the game, and get a credit for the steam wallet you need. In this section, we will tell you the steps by steps process to buy the steam wallet using gcash.

  1. Open the steam app and choose the game that you want to purchase
  2. Tap on the button ” add to cart.”
  3. Tap on either purchase as gift option or purchase for myself
  4. Tap on the change icon
  5. Pick the payment method under the please section, click on gcash, and tap on continue.
  6. Next, do a checkbox to agree to all terms of agreement for the steam subscriber.
  7. Tap on continue to smart2pay
  8.  After this step, you are moved to the checkout page
  9.  At this point, you have to open the gcash app on your device
  10. On the app, you have to click on the pay QR option, scan the QR code, and then take your camera in front of the QR code
  11.  Follow the remaining steps to complete payment on the Gcash app

Gcash steam wallet code not received “Solution.”

if your steam wallet does not get the funds, even if it is made successfully, then some errors occur. Here is the solution to fix the problem of the steam wallet not receiving the code.

  • You should check the steam server to see whether it will be normal or down
  • Check the VPN because sometimes the steam location is not matched with it, or it does not work
  • Clear the cache of the steam app
  • Try to buy the game from the steam website if the app is not working or you are not receiving the code.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, you have to proceed to the help desk of Steam to get a quick solution.

Gcash steam wallet not working “Solution.”

If you are trying to make any attempt with your steam wallet, but it is not working, then you should try to do it through the steam application after some time. Here is the solution to fix this problem of the steam wallet

  • You must completely disable and remove the VPN software or IP proxy you are currently using, start your device again, and test the steam wallet after some time.
  • If you can still not use the steam wallet, you should contact steam support with brief information, including the accurate error message and steam account name.

How to use the steam wallet?

To use the steam wallet perfectly, here is the step-by-step guide.

  1. Tap on the steam profile username in the upper right-side window
  2. Move to the “account details” section and tap ” add funds to steam wallet.”
  3. Then, you are moved to the steam wallet fund page and tap on the wallet code or redeem a steam gift card.
  4.  Fill in the voucher that was sent to your email, and then tap on continue
  5. Now, wait for verification, and enjoys the video games on Steam


The gcash app helps you easily buy games on Steam. If you want to add funds to your steam wallet, you can easily do it using gcash. You can also buy game credits with the help of a Gcash account. 

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