How to watch live TV on Airtel xstream app on Android TV [2024]?

Airtel Xstream app is launched for Android TV recently. Earlier they could use the Airtel Xstream app only on their small screens like mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Those who are in the Gold Tier of the Airtel Thanks Program, already have the Airtel Xstream Premium which allows users to play and watch live TV on Airtel Xstream app on Android TV easily.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on their Android TV where all you have to do is search for the app and then install it on your TV.

How to connect Airtel xstream app to TV?

Airtel Xstream app android

The Airtel Xstream app can be plugged into the HDMI port of your television set. Detecting it is easy using the Google app on any of the phones or tablets. Setting it up is also like any other regular Chromecast device.

The app can be used to stream content from any of the OTT apps. It does not have the DTH function in Airtel Xstream Box.

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Is Airtel Xstream app available on Android TV?

Yes, it is available on Android TV.

Is Airtel xstream app free?

Free Airtel live TV is for everyone where one can browse through 350 live TV channels, 10000+ movies, 100+ TV shows, and music videos and is available in 14 languages.


Can I watch live TV on the Airtel Xstream box?

With the Airtel Xstream box, users can easily convert their television to a smart television. Binge watch on your big screen; command it using your box, and now all your apps can be accessed within your television.

How can I play Airtel TV on Xstream?

One can easily play Airtel TV on Xstream by simply downloading the app or visiting the website. Next, you will have to click on the “More” button, present in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Register using your mobile number and then select plans and offers, then click on recommended packs.

How does the Airtel Xstream app work?

Airtel Xstream app works for your television easily. Your TV needs to be running an Android TV platform and should not be an AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

  • – Go to your Google Play store.
  • – Search for the Airtel xstream app.
  • – Install the app and open it.
  • – Login with your cell phone number.

Does Airtel xstream work on a non-smart TV?

Airtel offers a combination of content from the good old cable TV service as well as modern OTT platforms. If you do not have an Android TV, you can easily run your Airtel Xstream web page through your browser. It might not very smooth but even then you’ll be able to stream all the content using your Airtel’s video streaming platform.

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