How to delete transaction history in GCash (Complete Guide)?

Have you any information about the Gcash app? Can you delete the Gcash Transaction history? In today’s digital world, everyone uses the Gcash app, and all of us feel so easy to use such online applications. It is easy to use and user-friendly app, but users need to be concerned about their privacy.

Some conditions arise when more people use a user account using the Gcash app. The permanent solution to this problem is to delete or remove the transaction history in Gcash. How to delete the Gcash Transactions? This article describes the step-by-step process of deleting the transaction history in the Gcash app.

If you also want to do so, follow this article and included steps to delete your transaction history on Gcash and ensure your privacy.

delete transaction history in GCash

What is Gcash?

Before deleting the Gcash transaction history, you need to know what the Gcash is. Without wasting time, let us understand the meaning of the Gcash app.

Gcash is a mobile wallet quickly downloaded and installed for Philippines residents on their smartphones. It permits users to perform online transactions, such as transferring money, paying bills, investing, and shopping.

In this way, Gcash allows you to carry the money on your device. You can use this app anytime, anywhere, and make your purchases. If you are a Gcash user, then you do not need to carry cash or also not need to share your credit card or bank information with anyone. It is one of the best mobile wallets you can easily use to make different transactions.

In which countries does Gcash are work

The cash application is based in the Philippines. There are many Gcash services today provided by partners, and merchants, that you can easily use based out of the Philippines. For instance, you can easily purchase insurance plans from companies in the Philippines.

Similarly, you can easily pay bills for the Philippines based on public utilities, which is possible by the Gcash app.

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How to delete transaction history in Gcash?

Here are the easy and simple steps that help you to delete the Gcash Transactions history.

  • Open your application, Gcash
  • Move to Gcash Transaction history
  • Click on the history that you want to delete
  • Move to the history of deleted transaction
  • Click on OK
  • As soon as you complete the given steps, the transaction history is deleted, and no one can know which transaction activity is taking place. This transaction history is deleted without any third-party knowledge or fear.

Remove transaction history from Gcash

Sometimes the user wants to delete their Gcash account permanently by removing the transaction history. If you want to remove the transaction history from Gcash, here are the simple steps to complete the process.

  • You have to open the Gcash app first and move to your cash account
  • Tap on delete the Gcash account and then confirm it
  • Once you can do these initial steps, your Gcash account is deleted, and your transaction history is automatically removed.
  • After this, no third party can access your transaction history and other details.

The reason behind deleting the Gcash history of transactions

Whether you are planning to make your new Gcash account or still using the existing Gcash account, there is various reason why you decide to delete the Gcash Transactions history. Let us take a glance at such reasons.

  • If your Gcash account is hacked and you are concerned about the past transactions that you made, and they are also linked with your other account, like a bank account
  • If you feel that your privacy is not sure
  • If you want to clear the past transaction history because of your reason
  • If you lose your android phone with an active Gcash account.

A way to view the Gcash transaction history

Before deleting or removing the transaction history from Gcash, if you want to review your transaction history, here are some steps you should follow.

1. Open the Gcash app and move toward your Gcash account

2. Tap on the activity button on the lower navigation bar

3. The transaction list is displayed in front of you. if you want to see more previous transactions, then you can easily see them by tapping on the inbox icon on the upper right side of the page

4. After clicking on the inbox icon, you must fill in the transaction history date to check. You can also fill in the number of days for which you want to check your last transaction history

5. If you want to get a transcript of your Gcash transaction history, you must confirm your submission request. Then the transcript is sent to your given email address.


Gcash transaction history aims to ensure users’ safety and all transaction details they make. With the transaction history on Gcash, users are assured that they are protected and safe, along with their finances.

But sometimes, the users feel they need more security and are concerned about their privacy, so they delete their Gcash transaction history.


Can I delete the transaction of GCash?

Yes, you can easily delete your transaction history from Gcash. You only need to open the Gcash app, go to transaction history, tap on delete transactions, and then confirm it. This is how you can easily delete previous transactions from GCash.

How long is GCash's transaction history?

Gcash allows you to access your previous 1-year transaction history. The transaction history of Gcash will enable you to download the previous transactions from the past 12 months.

Does GCash transaction history?

Yes, cash has good transaction history from previous times. Users can easily access their transaction history through their account on the Gcash app. The Gcash account users can also delete their transaction history if they face any privacy issues.

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