How to Pay SPayLater using GCash, ShopeePay or in Advance?

SPayLater is a digital payment solution that offers users to purchase items and pay for them later. Therefore, users get financial flexibility and can pay gradually within 12 months. The SPayLater services are seamless and allow users to relax regarding their payments. Additionally, users only need to pay processing fees to the SPayLater. 

In this blog, we’ll learn how you can pay for your purchases in SPayLater by using GCash & GCredit. But first, let’s understand how you can pay SPayLater in advance.

Can you pay SPayLater in advance?

SPayLater for payments

Users select SPayLater to pay for their purchase items later in monthly installments, e.g., two months. So, you cannot pay SPayLater in advance for your items if you select to pay in monthly installments. However, users can pay their due amounts in the upcoming month. 

Only some people can use SPayLater and pay for their orders in monthly installments. You must be eligible for SPayLater. The ideal candidate is someone who is at least 21 years and above and holds a government Identity Card. 

Users’ spending limit depends on their payment history. For instance, you won’t be allowed to SPayLater if you spend money carelessly. SPayLater tracks your spending behavior. You can inspect your spending and limits on the SPayLater home page. 

SPayLater charges a 0% to 2% processing fee on your transaction amount. It also relies on your purchased item price. Moreover, SPayLater demands 1% to 5% monthly interest rates. Again, it ranges according to the item amount. 

Note: SPayLater fines on outstanding amounts. So, the interest rate exceeds 2.5% to 5% per month.

Now, let’s understand how you can SPayLater in full.

How to pay SPayLater in full?

Customers cannot pay via SPayLater in full if they select a monthly installment payment method. However, SPayLater enables users to settle in the following month. So, you can pay your entire amount in May if you purchased the item in April. Hence, SPayLater will charge a processing fee and the first month’s order interest fees. Let’s learn how to pay SPayLater in full.

Here are the steps to pay the entire SPayLater amount in the coming month.

  • Open the SPayLater app.
  • Navigate the ‘Me‘ tab section.
  • Click on SPayLater.
  • Tap on Pay Now.
  • Click on Upcoming Bill and review your due amount.
  • Click on ‘Pay First.’
  • Now, carefully select a payment method and hit ‘Confirm.’ 

As a result, you successfully paid SPayLater in full and cleared all your due amounts. You can view and review all your transactions with SPayLater in the payment history. Remember, you must spend carefully. In some cases, SPayLater freezes the account of an irresponsible spender.

Let’s proceed and learn how you can pay SPayLater using GCash.

How to pay SPayLater using GCash?

Post-pandemic situations accelerated digital payments. Therefore, people prefer to shop online and use e-wallets for their purchases. However, sometimes you might need more money for the product you wish to purchase. So, you can use a platform that pays on your behalf. Consequently, you can pay via monthly installments to that platform. One such platform is SPayLater.

SPayLater makes your payment and purchases conveniently and hassle-free. Now, SPayLater users can pay their due amounts using GCash and you can also delete your GCash transaction history. Let’s learn more about it.

Step-by-step instructions on how to pay SPayLater using GCash:

  • Launch the Shopee app. (You can download it easily on any device.)
  • Click on ‘Me‘ Tab.
  • A page will pop up on the screen. Navigate ‘ShopeePay’ and click on it.
  • Select ‘Top Up.’ 
  • Furthermore, enter your amount. 
  • Now, select your payment method and click on ‘Payment.’ 
  • Tap on ‘Payment Center‘ or ‘e-wallet option‘.
  • Finally, pick GCash as your payment method and hit ‘Confirm.’

SPayLater will redirect you to the GCash page to authenticate the payment. Enter your correct details, i.e., email address and mobile number, and provide an authentication code.

You have successfully used GCash to pay SPayLater for your monthly payments. Let’s learn the process of paying the SPayLater using GCredit.

How to pay using GCredit?

GCredit provides loan offers to people having excellent credit scores. An individual with an account linked to GCash can borrow money from GCredit. Moreover, you can now pay SPayLater using GCredit. 

Steps of paying SPayLater using GCredit:

  • Add items to your cart in the Shopee app.
  • Click on ‘check out‘ and review your order.
  • Click on the ‘Payment option.’
  • Select Payment Center/e-wallet.
  • Tap on GCash as your payment method.
  • Click on ‘Confirm.’
  • Select ‘Place Order.’
  • The app redirected you to the GCash account. Enter your mobile number and email address. 
  • Authenticate via a 6-code number. 
  • Click on ‘GCredit‘ at Payment method.
  • Provide GCash MPIN.
  • Click on GCredit and the ‘Pay‘ button.

Following these steps carefully allow you to pay SPayLater using GCredit.

How to Pay SPayLater Using Shopeepay?

Follow this video guide if you want to pay Spaylater using Shopeepay. There is a step-by-step guide given here.


SPayLater is a beneficial alternative for people who shop at shopee and want to pay for their items later. It offers various schemes, i.e., you can select the monthly schedule for repayment of the items purchased. For example, two months, three months, six months, or twelve months. 

Therefore, many shopee customers use SPayLater to purchase items and pay later. You can even clear payment in the following month of your purchase. So, use SPayLater and make shopping fulfilling.

FAQs Related to SPayLater

Can you pay SPayLater using a credit card?

Customers can pay SPayLater using a credit card. Shop at the shopee app and proceed to the checkout section. Select a credit card as your payment source and pay securely.

What happens if you don't pay SPayLater?

Customers must clear all the amounts in installments at SPayLater. Your shopee accounts will be suspended if you fail to clear due. Also, they freeze your bank account if there is a huge outstanding amount.

Can you use SPayLater to pay internet bills?

SPayLater allows you to pay internet bills with the shopee app. Navigate the SPayLater page on the app and proceed to pay your internet bills.

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