HMRC App: How to Use, find UTR Number, P60 & Download it?

What is the HMRC app?

The app is a new addition from HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). It is available in both Apple app stores and Google Playstores for iOS and Android users respectively. You can install the app directly from the app stores by searching the app name in the app store.

HMRC app is more convenient as here you can always check the information details easily. When you create an account with the HMRC, you register an account with the government Gateway.

Also, in February 2023, HMRC showed there were 40 million logins from April to December 2022. People and the authorities have saved a lot of time when people began using the app

What can I do on the HMRC app?

The HMRC app provides many services to its users. From finding the UTR No. or paying the taxes, you can do almost everything related to the taxes. Following are the app functions that you can use in this app.

  1. If you want to check your tax code, do log in and find out.
  2. The national insurance number is for you to check from the app.
  3. UTR number for self-assessment is also possible through the HMRC app
  4. Payment of taxes can be done like your self-assessment tax bill.
  5. Every time you want to update your personal information with them, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just do it with them using the app.
  6. Annual tax summary will reflect with the app easily.
  7. Child Benefit and tax credit details will reflect in the app.

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How to use the HMRC app?

The HMRC app can be used in the following way.

  1. Start by visiting the HMRC login page and then click on the GREEN sign-in tab.
  2. Now, press on the Create sign-in details option.
  3. Add your email address, and add a confirmation code you receive to confirm your HMRC-used email address.
  4. Once you have done all the above steps, you will get a User ID for accessing your government gateway account.

Keep the user ID handy with you as the digital string can rarely be memorized. Your government gateway account is now up and running for you and if you want to find out more on what you can do, explore the entire app’s provisions that lay at your disposal.

How to find UTR number on the HMRC app?

The Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number is a 10-digit number and is called a tax reference.

When you register for self-assessment, you will get assigned an HMRC number. On your tax account with HMRC, you can find the number.

Also, look for the UTR number in the documents HMRC has sent to you.

You may find the number in your previous tax returns. The UTR number is not different from your NI number. So if you have found your NI number, you have found your UTR number.

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How to find p60 on the HMRC app?

To get your p60, you might want to request HMRC for it. Inquire HMRC to know how you can get your p60 form. As payroll software, visit the HMRC app and request a copy of the HMRC. Once you request them they will be able to provide you with the required information. Also, other several financial HMRC-approved apps will allow you to download the P60 form.

Why is my HMRC app not working?

Mostly your HMRC app will not be working for the server-related issue, maintenance problems, bugs, and glitches can make it slow and also if you are facing internet connectivity issues.

If you want to fix it, you might have to resolve it in the following ways.

  1. Check your HMRC app server status from their site.
  2. The device you use must be compatible with the app
  3. Always vote for cleaning your cache and do it first.
  4. Visit your Playstore and update the app to its latest version
  5. Change your internet connectivity
  6. If using a VPN stop using it
  7. Begin your device again

Is the HMRC app legit?

For those who don’t know, it will be your way to the government Gateway user details that you will have once you have an account with the HMRC. It clearly shows there is no way this is not legit and this is the first hint towards it. There are many more ways to find out if it’s legit and you will notice it is by the end of your search.

Is HMRC App Safe & free?

Yes, as far as the app is concerned, its use is absolutely safe and completely free. If you want to get the app you will need to download it from the appstore or the Google Playstore and get going with it.


Glance to find out all that you need to know if you don’t have an HMRC app or account still. This article covers the essential details for your convenience.

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