How to Use E-Dharti App? (Complete Step by Step Guide)

E-Dharti app is an online tool launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and with this app, you will be able to search for properties online without running around to offices.

It is a geographic information system (GIS) and shows spatial data on geographical maps across the country. 

How to Download E-Dharti app?

E-Dharti app download

Download E-Dharti app from the Google Play Store easily. 

  • Search for the E-Dharti app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now, click on the Install button and then wait until the download is completed.

You can also download apk file from unknown sources by first clicking on Menu>Settings>Security>check on the download from unknown sources checkbox. Now download the apk file from the website and then run it in your system to install it.

How to USE E-Dharti App?

To use the E-Dharti app, follow one of the two procedures.

  • Enter all the details about the plot including locality, block names and property ID.
  • Enter the property address and then the map will demarcate the property area in blue.
  • Enter the SWAMITVA scheme property card details.
  • Additionally, enter the land area like property ID, block number, property number, building name, colony name, and also plot area.

From the portal, look for the property reports by choosing a property type, subtype, status, and either of the details given in the page.

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Features of E-Dharti App

Several features which make the E-Dharti app useful include;

  • You can download the E-Dharti app from third party websites easily and people reviews say the app is user friendly.
  • The downloading process is instantaneous and happens quite quickly.
  • An apk file downloaded can be used anytime to install and de-install it anytime.

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