What is Logrocket? React Review [2024] Pricing | Features & Uses

Logrocket can help you identify a lot of problems posed by your customers while using your products.

What is logrocket.com?

It is a site with numerous features that come in handy when identifying the root cause behind the appearance of a problem.

Once you start it for free, you can gain valuable insights with it about your customers. Customer insights can be read out so easily.

logrocket react reviews


Several features of Logrocket includes;

  • Identify network logs, JavaScript errors, and performance data for deep debugging.
  • With logrocket, one can keep a track of the frontend performance monitoring.
  • Engage and retain customers by keeping a track of the analytics of several products.
  • Track funnel conversions, event volumes, and user flow alongside product usage and conversion.
  • Tracking errors and managing them is also facilitated by Logrocket.
  • You can also keep a tab of the user experience analytics using Logrocket.
  • You can either use hosted solutions or run Logrocket in your own Cloud medium.

– Completely compliant with privacy structures.

Logrocket Uses

->> Logrocket allows users to replay problems regardless of the language and the framework.

->> It also provides SDKs for certain kinds of technology.

->> It helps to identify user experience and also identifies and performs every bug’s root cause.

->> Reporting user problems become easier with the use of Logrocket.

->> It gives you an insight into the front-end metrics around performance and identifies if the user experience is affected due to some common issues or due to a bug.

->> Page loads, CPU usage, memory usage, and browser crashes are quite commonly detected with the help of logrocket.com.

Logrocket react

Whenever a user clicks on a specific component of your app you can get notified through the use of a special plugin like Logrocket react.

There is also a GitHub table available with React which offers access to some basic features useful for a basic table.

It is a DVR for web apps and can record everything that is done on the Logrocket react app.


There are three pricing structures primarily,

logrocket prices
  • Developer plan is available for free.
  • Team plan is done at $99 per month.
  • Professional plan comes at a customized rate for the clients.
    They have a monthly and a yearly billing scheme for you to choose accordingly. Prices are less for yearly subscriptions.


Logrocket Reviews reveal customer satisfaction and thus has received some very good reviews posted on some of the major review sites.


Logrocket allows you to try all features for free for 14 days and the installation process takes a 3-minute time.

You can cancel it anytime and even discounts are offered to different organizations when asked for, and each of these plans allows the inclusion of almost 10-team members into the loop

Using Logrocket to understand customer satisfaction can be an immense support system for your organization as it can help you move ahead in your required direction.

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