Does Target Take Apple Pay at Store/Online (2024)?

Today, many mobile wallets or contactless payments have been introduced, enabling people to prefer their most suitable method. Due to safety, reliability, and convenience, most people use Apple Pay. Another reason for using Apple Pay is that most Americans have iPhones. So, they automatically prefer it as their payment method because of the solid security and encryption Apple Pay provides. 

At the same time, Target, a major retail departmental store in America, accepts all kinds of payments to generate more flexibility for people. One such widely used payment method is Apple Pay. So, let’s learn if Target accepts Apple Pay in their stores or online.

Does Target accept Apple Pay?

 Target Take Apple Pay

A prominent retail department, Target is a general merchandise retail shop. Currently, there are over 2000 Target stores throughout America. It allows people to shop for groceries, womenswear, kidswear, electronics, and other household items. Also, Target is the seventh largest departmental chain in America.

So, they accept all kinds of payments, including Apple Pay. Apple Pay is the most trusted payment method as it doesn’t reveal owners’ credit or debit information to Target’s server. You can rely on Apple Pay anytime for pay at Target stores. Now, let’s understand whether Target takes Apple Pay cashback.

Does Target take Apple Pay cashback?

The most thrilling news for Apple Pay users and Target lovers is that it takes Apple Pay cashback. Today, there is nothing more exhilarating than getting cashback on purchases. It is the best way to save money and also gets you rewards and retail coupons. 

You won’t get cash back if you pay through a Credit or Debit card at Target. So, use Apple Pay. It will make you eligible for cash back on every purchase at Target. 

On each purchase at Target store via Apple Pay, you get 3% of cashback. Sometimes you also win gift cards instead of cash back at Target. 

Note: Make sure your Target Store falls in the region where the active cashback policy is.

So, use Apple Pay to avail of a chance to get 3% cashback on purchasing your favorite items at Target. Now, we’ll see if Apple Pay is accepted at Target self-checkout.

Does Target accept Apple Pay at self-checkout?

Target does accept Apple Pay at self-checkout. In addition, all Target stores have Apple Pay. When a checkmark appears on the screen, you will know that you successfully paid at the Target self-checkout through Apple Pay. 

Also, it securely makes transactions with double encryptions. Therefore, your data remains safe from fraudsters who want to steal your data.

Now, let’s move further and learn if Target takes Apple Pay for Instacart.

Does Target Instacart take Apple Pay?

Instacart is the one-stop destination for grocery, clothing, and household shopping. It has incorporated several retail stores, which include Target. 

Instacart accepts all the NFC technology payment methods at the online checkout. So, you can use Apple Pay to pay on Instacart for the items you bought online. 

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to use Apple Pay on Instacart for Target:

  • Launch the Instacart app.
  • Select Target store.
  • Add all your items to the cart.
  • Proceed to checkout. 
  • Select Apple Pay as the payment method.
  • Authorize your Apple Pay to complete the transaction. 

Shop unlimited grocery or household items at Target via Instacart and pay using Apple Pay. Also, win exciting cash back and offers. Read further to know if Target takes Apple Wallet.

Does Target have Apple wallet?

Target accepts any contactless payment method that uses NFC technology, such as Apple Wallet. It applies to both online and in-store shopping at Target.

Apple Wallet uses NFC technology to store your credit or debit card information for transaction purposes but re-encrypts the complete card details. Thus, Apple Pay generates a unique account number for your card that is neither revealed to the user nor the Target server. 

So, while at the store, let the Target associate know that you will pay via Apple Wallet. Securely complete the payment.

How to use Apple Pay on Target?

Do you want to pay via Apple Pay at Target but don’t know the process? Here’s how you can pay at the stores:

  • First, purchase the items you like at the Target store. 
  • Then, wait at the checkout line to make payments for the items you want to buy.
  • Now, launch Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch and hold it a few inches away from the card reader.
  • Select your default card.
  • Give authentication via Face ID or password to proceed with the payment.
  • Complete the transaction

Now, finally, look at some payment methods accepted by Target.

Target Payment Methods

Let’s discuss Target’s in-store and online payment methods.

In-store and online payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit card
  • Gift cards or merchandise offer
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • PayPal
  • eGift cards
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Merchant Vouchers
  • Target App payment


Regardless of your preferred payment method, know that Target accepts them. In addition, Apple Pay got a boost post-pandemic due to credit card fraud. So, to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of fraud, most Americans rely on Apple Pay as its most secure contactless payment method. So, do use Apple Pay the next time you visit Target.


Does Target take Afterpay?

Afterpay is a convenient and free-of-interest payment option divided into four installments. So, you can purchase items at Target and go for Afterpay.

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