Top Applications That Replaced Classic Technologies

Man in his quest to evolve and better himself, have made innovation that have enabled him to achieve such. If we trace back to the early civilizations, we will find amazing technologies invented by man. From the early man who was attributed to discovering agriculture, to the Mesopotamians who first invented the abacus machine for counting, to the invention of the lunar calendar and compass. 

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This earliest form of technologies, invented by man helped him to evolve and achieve optimal performance at the point in time based on the available knowledge. Now because man is dynamic and is in a constant state of metamorphosis, he is always looking for new and efficient ways of doing things. This has made him to constantly invent new technologies which in turn makes the old ones obsolete. But regardless of this there has been few technological innovations that actually stood the taste of them and also revolutionized how we humans do things. 

One of them was the invention of paper, even though it sounds so simple, the invention of paper actually revolutionized the ancient world. Going further the 19th and 20th century, especially the 20th century, saw a surge in technological advancement and innovation. Some of these inventions became so important to human existence. 

Some of them includes the air conditioner invented by Willis Carrier, you can imagine our present world without air conditioning. Another 20th century, invention that has been so helpful to us is the radio circuit invented by Edwin Howard. Also the invention of the Internet and computer could be said to be the hallmark of technological and innovative advancements of the 20th century. 

Now even though these innovative ideas tremendously helped human advancement and evolution. They have been replaced by newer ideas and inventions. It is now possible to reminiscence over the VHS cassette players, as they were once reigning electronic gadgets at a particular point in time, before they were replaced by the video CD players and DVD. But presently both the video CD player and DVD have almost been rendered obsolete by smartphones and online streaming platforms. 

This reechoes the already established fact that man is on a constant state of technological advancements.  With all that being said lets now discuss how modern technology and applications has replaced some classic technologies. Some of these applications include the following: 

  • DIGITAL WALLET: Previously if you wanted to make any financial transaction, you will need to go the bank to withdrew money, agree on a meeting point with your prospective client, then carry the bag of cash to the meeting point. Your options were limited, which means that if you must engage in any business transactions that has to do with buying and selling. Then you must follow the existing protocol. This slowed down the pace of business transactions and increased the risk of doing business because of the constant carrying of physical cash. But with the introduction of digital wallet everything changed. People no longer need to carry bags of cash around, it became possible to make payments for goods and services right from the comfort of your homes. Business became digitalized which eliminated most of the risk factors. Presently it is difficult to see anyone who does not have a digital wallet or a mobile bank app from which the conduct business online.
  • SCANNER APPS: It has become so obvious that scanning apps has made the traditional scanner obsolete and this is because these scanning apps can comfortably perform the work of traditional machine scanners. Even if you are using a tablet or iPad, you can install a Scanning App iPad and also install it in your tablet. It may come in handy if you need to scan different types of files, and even convert them into text for editing. 
  • CALENDER AND WATCHES: Calendars used to be the hallmark of ancient civilization, it helped ancient people schedule their activities. The invention of physical watches helped humans become more coordinated, and eventful that it became a necessity to have. But with the introduction of smartphones into the scene, both calendars and watches are becoming obsolete. Smartphones have preinstalled calendar dates and time that are updated directly from the mobile network of the smartphone. So if you want to check the time or date all you have to do is to bring out your smartphones check it from there. Even alarm clocks are now replaced by mobile apps that can keep track of sleep and also have features like snooze, sleep cycles and ringtones.
  • WHATSAPP AND MESSENGER: WhatsApp and Messenger have made the postal agencies redundant. With these apps, you can instantly message or chat with anyone no matter their location. This has drastically breached the gab in communication, bring people of different nationalities and cultures together, thereby making concepts like globalization, a reality. With mobile apps like the WhatsApp and messenger you do not have to wait for days, weeks, or even months to deliver a message to someone. 
  • FILTERING APPS: Filtering apps like Instagram and Snapchat are gradually making the use of traditional picture camera obsolete. Most smartphones have quality cameras, coupled with this filtering apps. Most people do no longer see the need to go to the studio in other to take pictures.
  • THE WALKMAN: Appliances like the Walkman, Mp3, and iPod have all been replaced by mobile applications Spotify, AudioMack, iTunes. These apps have made listening to songs so easy as you can easily stream your favorite songs online.

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